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Midweek Sport - - CLASSIFIED -

I WAS driv­ing home from work in the early hours last month and almost ran out of petrol. I came across a 24-hour ser­vice sta­tion and filled up, but to my hor­ror I found that I had left my purse at a friend’s house. I told the guy be­hind the counter and he was re­ally nice about it and asked me to fill in a form to say I would come back and pay. I am a nurse and was in my uni­form at the time and I could see he was look­ing at my body, most es­pe­cially my 34Ds.

I don’t know what came over me but I sud­denly found my­self blurt­ing out: “I could give you a good time, in­stead of pay­ing?!” He thought I was jok­ing, but when I told him I was se­ri­ous he led me to the of­fice where he took his pants down and my head was drawn in­stinc­tively to his cock.

As I wrapped my lips around his knob he started groan­ing, louder and louder un­til he un­leashed his load in my mouth.

By that time I was hun­gry for sex my­self, so I took off my uni­form and put his hand in my knick­ers so he could feel how wet I was.

He pulled them off, slid­ing them to the floor and nuz­zling my clit with his lips while he was down there.

Then he did me over a desk. I felt so horny and it was bril­liant as he pounded away while slap­ping my be­hind. For the rest of the week I couldn’t stop think­ing about our romp and

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