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I’VE been mar­ried to my hus­band for five years and thought we had a re­ally good sex life to­gether. But he dropped a bomb­shell a cou­ple of weeks ago when he told me he wanted to shag another girl while I watched them both at it. And I was more shocked when I re­alised how turned-on I was by the idea. So I agreed to it and we set about ar­rang­ing to meet some­one. We didn’t want it to be some­one we knew, so we went on­line and signed up to a cou­ple of swingers’ sites. And we soon found a woman we both liked the look of, and her pro­file fit­ted in with what we wanted, so we con­tacted her and ar­ranged to meet up. When she ar­rived at our house she looked even bet­ter than her on­line pho­tos – she was blonde and nusty with nice long legs, aged in her mid to late 30s.

I could see my hubby fan­cied her straight away and that made me feel pretty horny, too. We had a few drinks to­gether and re­laxed in the lounge be­fore my hubby made the first move and asked if she’d like to pop up­stairs to our bedroom and get more com­fort­able.

So we all trooped up­stairs, gig­gling away and play­fully grop­ing each other on the stairs and once in the bedroom the other girl slipped her arms around my man’s neck and kissed him full on the mouth.

Then she knelt in front of him and un­zipped his flies, tak­ing his hard cock in her mouth.

She was soon lick­ing and suck­ing on his balls and slipped her hands be­tween his arse cheeks to touch him round the bum­hole, too.

Then she pushed him back onto the bed and

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