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d) Ale­sha Dixon 5. WHICH new trend, favoured by celebri­ties such as Paris Hil­ton ( has been slammed by vets? a) Beef­burger dogs b) Pie ar­madil­los c) Steak rats d) Sausage cats 6. WHICH Premier League foot­baller was dis­charged from hospi­tal just a week af­ter frac­tur­ing his skull? a) Santi Ca­zorla b) Chris Smalling c) Ryan Mason d) Diego Costa 7. WHO was sacked by the Don­ald Trump ad­min­is­tra­tion for an al­leged act of ‘be­trayal’? a) Jeff Ses­sions b) Reince Priebus c) Sally Yates d) Nikki Ha­ley 8. WHICH fa­mous scientist is tak­ing part in Red Nose Day this year? a) Brian Cox b) Stephen Hawk­ing c) Shel­don Cooper d) Bill Nye the Sci­ence Guy 9. WHAT rea­son did David Beck­ham give for his long-last­ing mar­riage to wife Vic­to­ria? a) Strong fam­ily unit b) Great sex c) Pro­mot­ing Brand Beck­ham d) Watch­ing porn 10. TORY MP Sir Nicholas Soames apol­o­gised to the SNP’s Tas­mina Ahmed-Sheikh for mak­ing what noise at her in the House of Com­mons? a) Wolf whis­tle b) Pig snort c) Bot­tom burp d) Dog woof

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