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Midweek Sport - - CLASSIFIED -

IT’S some­thing I’ve long dreamed about and I can’t be­lieve it fi­nally hap­pened – but I’ve got the sore dick to prove it. I’m a 28-year-old joiner and was out hav­ing a few pints in my lo­cal the other night when a randy older cou­ple I know said they were hav­ing an orgy back at their place and would I like to join in. I was re­ally tempted but I told them it wouldn’t be right for me to go be­hind my wife’s back. So they started telling me about the filthy stuff that goes on in their house and I could feel my trousers start­ing to bulge. They were just about to leave when I sud­denly felt my re­sis­tance drain away and I tagged along with them.

And boy, what a good de­ci­sion that turned out to be!

When I got to their flashy house, there were about 40 peo­ple there and the front room was full of flesh.

I saw one mid­dle-aged lady with a cock in each hand, an­other in her mouth and an old fella slip­ping it to her from be­hind.

There was also a younger lady on the couch with her legs spread and a fella was get­ting his fingers sticky while an­other bloke was suck­ing her nips.

I was stiff as a board when the woman from the cou­ple slid up next to me and put her hand on my cock.

She was naked and, by the feel of her drip­ping fanny, had al­ready seen some ac­tion.

She led me over to the sofa, pulled my cock

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