Dear Bexi,

MY new girl­friend’s a right cracker, but her mother is a bloody night­mare.

I’m only 21 and she is in her early 40s.

She has a pretty fit body but she is al­ways beg­ging me for sex.

I’ve let her suck me off a few times, but now she is de­mand­ing that I give her one. What should I do?

LD, East Sussex

Bexi says…

PRAY your girl doesn’t find out.

Dear Bexi,

LY­ING in my silk panties and bra, I find my­self thinking steamy thoughts about my hubby’s pal.

I know it’s wrong but he’s such a hunk – and I can tell he’s pack­ing quite a lunch­box.

When my hubby comes in I’m ready for him, but thinking only of his pal.

Should I keep it to my­self or do some­thing about it? SD, Glam­or­gan

Bexi says…

THINKING does no harm.

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