IF LOOKS COULD KILL... In­side Mex­ico drug car­tels’ glam­ourous death squads

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MEXICAN drug car­tels are em­ploy­ing SEXY young ladies to bru­tally mur­der their ri­vals.

Fe­male death squads – known as ‘Las Fla­cas’ or ‘Skinny Girls’ – are said to be the most ef­fec­tive se­cret weapons be­ing used by crim­i­nal gangs in Mex­ico.

The young women are hired by crime bosses based on their good looks and sex ap­peal be­fore be­ing trained as cold-blooded killers.

Op­er­at­ing in groups of three or four, the Las Fla­cas are usu­ally de­ployed when in­fil­tra­tion is likely to be more ef­fec­tive than brute force.

The girls then utilise their skills and charm their way into the ri­vals’ in­ner cir­cles be­fore strik­ing, and killing them, when least ex­pected.

Pro­fes­sor An­drew Chest­nut, an ex­pert of the mur­der­ous women, said: “They are ideal killers: young, beau­ti­ful and reck­less.

“There’s an in­ex­tri­ca­ble link be­tween sex and death in the cul­ture of th­ese fe­male killers.

“In seek­ing to be the most de­sired by the narco men, they seek also to be the most bru­tal among their group of peers.

“It’s gone as far as hav­ing them wor­ship the im­age of Saint Death in their own like­nesses, dressed in sexy lin­gerie.”

Last year, one fe­male killer known as ‘La Peque’ was cap­tured by au­thor­i­ties while work­ing for the Si­naloa Car­tel.

She con­fessed to the mur­ders of at least five men and re­vealed that she en­joyed drink­ing the warm blood of her vic­tims and shagging their dead bod­ies.

She said from her jail cell: “Ever since I was a lit­tle girl I was a rebel, and then be­came a drug ad­dict and an al­co­holic.”

Pro­fes­sor Chesnut said the girls are touted to be­come as­sas­sins for the car­tels through var­i­ous routes.

He ex­plained: “Many come in through the tra­di­tional path of low-level look­out work for the car­tel.

“Oth­ers ar­rive through pros­ti­tu­tion, birth into car­tel fam­i­lies, or are re­cruited dur­ing short spells in prison.

“Th­ese girls are ac­tive on so­cial me­dia, and in see­ing images of drug traf­fick­ers’ lifestyles, they want a piece of it them­selves.”

How­ever the fate of most Skinny Girls is pretty grim, as ri­val fe­male squads of­ten tar­get each other in a bid to as­sert dom­i­nance.

There have also been in­stances where they have been mur­dered by ri­val drug gangs or handed over to the po­lice by their own car­tels.

One of the most no­to­ri­ous Las Fla­cas was Jose­lyn Niño, who worked for the Gulf Car­tel.

The killer first gained no­to­ri­ety when she posted a photo on so­cial me­dia of her­self smil­ing while hold­ing a mod­i­fied M4 as­sault ri­fle, which later went vi­ral.

She also openly boasted on­line about her bloody achieve­ments un­til she was mur­dered by an­other Skinny Girl, La Gla­dys of the Ze­tas.

In 2015, Niño’s body was dis­cov­ered hacked to pieces and stuffed into an ice cooler on the US-Mex­ico bor­der.

A photo was re­leased on­line of her ly­ing dead in the cooler next to a man and woman be­fore she was dis­mem­bered.

The photo was shared on Twit­ter with the cap­tion: “It will hap­pen to all the filthy who want to sup­port Cy­clones.”

La Gla­dys of the Ze­tas re­mains at large and has con­tin­ued to ter­rorise parts of north­ern Mex­ico.

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