Gi­ant croc walked on hind legs

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RE­SEARCHERS have de­scribed new fos­sils be­long­ing to a gi­ant croc­o­dile that had a set of ser­rated teeth like a Tyran­nosaurus Rex and and was 24ft long.

The ex­tinct mon­ster was the top preda­tor in Mada­gas­car 170 mil­lion years ago – around the time di­nosaurs lived.

And un­like mod­ern crocs, their dis­tant cousin walked on its HIND LEGS as it scav­enged for food or at­tacked its prey.

Its huge jaw and ser­rated teeth sug­gest that, like T. rex, it fed on hard an­i­mal tis­sue – such as bone and ten­don.

It is nick­named ‘Razana’ but its full ti­tle is Razanan­dron­gobe sakalavae – which means ‘gi­ant lizard an­ces­tor from Sakalava re­gion’.

It;s also the largest and old­est known ‘no­to­suchian,’ pre­dat­ing the other forms by 42 mil­lion years.

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