Dear Ava,

I WENT on my cousin’s stag do to Dublin the other week.

I’m 36 and mar­ried and I didn’t re­ally want to go be­cause most of his mates are louts.

By 11pm the lot of them were pissed – I was quite merry too – and we went to a knock­ing shop.

I tagged along more out of cu­rios­ity than any­thing, but when I got there I fell for one of the hook­ers.

She was dark-haired, slim and very cute.

We chat­ted about our back­grounds and she was happy that I didn’t want a shag.

I agreed to meet her the next day for lunch but she never turned up.

Now my wife has found out about the brothel visit and won’t be­lieve me when I say I didn’t dip my wick.

I’m also still smit­ten with the hooker. What should I do?

GT, Nor­folk

Ava says…

FOR­GET her – she’s a work­ing girl. Put your en­ergy into sav­ing your re­la­tion­ship with your wife – and don’t go on any more stag dos!

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