Torode: I got into cook­ing trou­ble with ‘chef’s arse’

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MASTERCHEF judge John Torode has ad­mit­ted suf­fer­ing from a painful con­di­tion called ‘CHEF’S ARSE’.

The 51-year-old (above), who has been dat­ing TV star and for­mer Celebrity Masterchef win­ner Lisa Faulkner since 2012, con­fessed that he had suf­fered from ‘chef’s arse’, which hap­pens in HOT kitchens.

He said: “It de­pends on how hot it is in the kitchen – but yes, you get chef’s arse.

“It hap­pens when you get re­ally hot and the sweat drips down your back and the only place it can go to is the crack in your bum.

“And then what hap­pens is, be­cause it’s warm there, the sweat dries and be­comes salty and then it chafes to­gether... and then you get chef’s arse.”

But the Masterchef host re­vealed there is a cure for the con­di­tion.

He added: “There used to be all sorts of reme­dies, like rub corn­flour on it.

“Talk to any chef and they’ll say, ‘Yeah, I’ve had chef’s arse’. It’s a rite of pas­sage.”

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