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Dear Bexi, I’M a huge fan of not wear­ing any undies.

I’m a 21-year-old girl and I think I’m nor­mal, but over re­cent months I’ve started to ven­ture out in short skirts with noth­ing un­der­neath.

It means I get blasts of air right up my chuff and it turns me on so much I some­times have to play with my­self.

Last week I was sit­ting on the top deck of the bus when some­one got on down­stairs and a gust of wind blew up the stairs and right onto my muff.

There was no-one too close, so I started to frig my­self off.

Not hav­ing any panties on meant I could just slide my fin­gers right to my wet­ness and get to work.

I came within min­utes and when I got off the driver gave me a cheeky grin – he must have seen me flick­ing my bean on the bus cam­era.

I didn’t mind but I do worry I’m weird. What do you reckon?

Bexi says…

WHO cares? As long as you’re en­joy­ing it – and don’t get into trou­ble with the law over it.

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