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FACE­BOOK supremo Mark Zucker­berg has waded into the row on whether robots are go­ing to rise up and kill us all.

The bil­lion­aire ( was re­spond­ing to claims by eco-car­maker Elon Musk who reck­ons it is in­evitable that ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence (AI) will de­stroy mankind.

He said: “AI is a fun­da­men­tal risk to the ex­is­tence of hu­man civil­i­sa­tion.”

Zucker­berg replied: “Peo­ple who are naysay­ers and try to drum up these dooms­day sce­nar­ios, I don’t un­der­stand it.”

But kill us or not, which are the best robots? THE FEMBOTS (

199P) EVEN if you knew Liz Hur­ley had guns in her boobs you’d still have a crack. The mo­ment when her char­ac­ter Vanessa Kens­ing­ton turns from Austin’s wife to Doc­tor Evil’s as­sas­sin is one of the best twists in spy film his­tory. R2D2 ( 1977) WITH­OUT ques­tion the best thing in the Star Wars films. This robot can put more mean­ing and emo­tion in a few bleeps and squeals than most of his co-stars man­age in hours of di­a­logue. WALL-E ( 2008) SHORT for Waste Al­lo­ca­tion Load Lifter Earth-class, Wall-E is the cutest robot in his­tory and also man­ages to save all hu­man­ity – so backs up Zucker­berg in this ar­gu­ment. ED209 ( 1987) YEAH, Robo­cop was the star of the film but the coolest robot was of course the failed fu­ture of law en­force­ment – Ed 209. And if you don’t agree then you’d bet­ter change your mind. You have 30 sec­onds to com­ply. C3P0 ( 1997) AN­NOY­ING to some but there’s no Star Wars with­out him. Of course it all would have been dif­fer­ent if they’d blasted their es­cape pod in the first minute of the film, but still. ROBO­COP ( 1987) BRIL­LIANT flick about a dy­ing cop trans­formed into a robot and sent back out onto the streets to end the crime surge. METAL MICKEY (1980) BRI­TAIN’S con­tri­bu­tion to the robot world lived in sub­ur­bia and was built to per­form chores. It also hap­pened to have mag­i­cal pow­ers too! DATA ( 1994) JUST like Pinoc­chio, this life­like an­droid wanted noth­ing more than to be a real boy. Equal parts mov­ing and funny the robot was the heart and soul of this long-run­ning TV show. JOHNNY 5 ( 1986) DE­SPITE be­ing a kids film this flick raised deep ques­tions about the when sen­tience be­comes life. And it was funny too. ROBBY THE ROBOT ( 1956) ONE of the first sci-fi robots from the 1950s cult movie. Rob­bie set the scene for how we imag­ine AI to look for decades.

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