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And when her 21-year-old daugh­ter found out, she begged Glover to stop the at­tacks – and of­fered her­self as a re­place­ment by “sub­mit­ting” to sex with him.

Prose­cu­tor Si­mon Mills told Cardiff Crown Court: “Over the course of about one year be­tween the sum­mer of 2015 and the sum­mer of 2016 he sep­a­rately sex­u­ally as­saulted the mother and her daugh­ter.

“The of­fend­ing took place sep­a­rately but on a num­ber of oc­ca­sions.

“There had been sex­ual con­tact be­tween Glover and the older woman, and also be­tween the older woman and his wife, Rachael, and on one oc­ca­sion the three of them to­gether.” A MAR­RIED de­tec­tive sex­u­ally as­saulted a mum and raped her daugh­ter in a se­ries of at­tacks at their fam­ily home, a court heard.

De­tec­tive Con­sta­ble Mark Glover, 46, al­legedly called the daugh­ter “a tease” when she said ‘no’ to his sex de­mands – be­fore rap­ing her in a kitchen.

Dad-of-two Glover was work­ing for the ma­jor crimes unit of South Wales Po­lice at the times of the al­le­ga­tions.

A court heard Glover had pre­vi­ously en­joyed threesome sex with the woman and his wife be­fore the al­leged at­tacks.

But years later he be­gan pes­ter­ing her for more sex be­fore car­ry­ing out al­leged as­saults on her.

Mr Mills said the mum wrote about al­leged sex at­tacks by Glover in Face­book mes­sages to a friend – and her daugh­ter found them.

The daugh­ter re­ported Glover’s at­tacks against her mum to po­lice and later told of­fi­cers she had also been raped by him twice.

She said DC Glover first raped her in her mother’s kitchen, hav­ing al­ready kissed her on the lips on a pre­vi­ous oc­ca­sion.

She said: “He was fully on top of me and I could feel his weight on top of me. “He was huff­ing and puff­ing. “It felt like ages but I don’t think it was that long. I just turned my head away. I kept say­ing ‘stop do­ing this’.

“Af­ter he said it was a mas­sive mis­take then said I needed to be care­ful about what sig­nals I gave to peo­ple, be­cause he was sure I wanted it and he was good at read­ing body lan­guage. “I felt dis­gust­ing.” She said DC Glover raped her again be­fore call­ing her a “tease” and say­ing: “If you didn’t want this why did you lead me into the kitchen?”

She said: “He said he thought I wanted it. He said he was good at read­ing body lan­guage and I needed to be care­ful what signs I gave off to peo­ple.”

The court heard DC Glover also put his hands down her un­der­wear on a num­ber of oc­ca­sions at the home.

Mr Mills said the fi­nal time the woman was raped was af­ter con­fronting DC Glover about his as­saults on her mother, where she of­fered to “sub­mit” to him sex­u­ally if he left her mother alone. Mr Mills said: “She pre­sented him with a bar­gain. If he left her mother alone she would sub­mit to sex­ual ac­tiv­ity with him her­self.

“He pro­ceeded to have sex­ual in­ter­course with her, know­ing this was from her sub­mis­sion, not her con­sent.”

DC Glover, from Pe­narth, near Cardiff, de­nies three counts of rape and one of as­sault by pen­e­tra­tion against the younger woman.

He also de­nies two counts of sex­ual as­sault and one of as­sault by pen­e­tra­tion against the woman’s mother.

The trial con­tin­ues.

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