His 10-incher is giv­ing me hell of a hard time

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Dear Kelly,

I’M a mar­ried lady, 25 years old, and with a prob­lem that many of your fe­male read­ers might think they’d LIKE to have – but they don’t un­der­stand the down­side of it. You see, my hubby is hung like a don­key. His pe­nis is 10 inches long and at least three inches across when fully erect. And un­til you’ve had a cock like that in­side you you’ve no idea how much it can tire you out. My fella also has an in­cred­i­bly high sex drive and it’s not just his dick that is big. He’s well over six feet tall and weighs in at a hefty 16 stone. When we make love, which is just about ev­ery night, he starts by mas­sag­ing my body from head to toe. He pays great at­ten­tion to my 34DD breasts and my shaved pussy lips which he knows gets me in the mood.

And af­ter that he usu­ally goes down on me, ex­pertly us­ing his tongue on my clit to bring me to the point of orgasm.

He’s so good with his oral tech­nique that it’s al­most like be­ing plea­sured by a woman’s mouth.

I know this to be the case be­cause I once had a les­bian re­la­tion­ship with a work col­league. She used to spend hours tongu­ing my pussy and suck­ing my clit.


But that fiz­zled out be­cause I found it dif­fi­cult to lick her out in the same way.

Back to my prob­lem – I then re­turn the favour to my hubby by giv­ing him a blowjob and try­ing to deep throat him.

But I have to be hon­est, you’d have to be an ac­com­plished sword-swal­lower to pull off that feat.

Next he likes to f**k me in ev­ery pos­si­ble po­si­tion although his favourite is doggy-style – which means that I get his full length deep in­side me.

He has fan­tas­tic stay­ing power and he al­ways makes sure that I cli­max sev­eral times be­fore he ex­plodes.

I hon­estly don’t mean to moan but it is be­gin­ning to wear me out.

I’ve even told him I don’t mind him see­ing an­other woman to sat­isfy his needs but he says he loves me and doesn’t want any­body else. I need a break. Any ideas?

GD, Northants

Kelly says…

YOU’RE right – most girls out there would be dead jeal­ous of you, hav­ing a bloke with such a mas­sive dick twinned with a high sex drive, so stop moan­ing!

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