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Dear Kelly,

MY wife and I in­vested in a “mould-a-willy” kit, just for a laugh.

This get-up en­ables a man to make a life­size replica of his own cock us­ing plas­ter of Paris and mould­ing rub­ber.

With­out want­ing to sound too big-headed, I was proud of the model of my erect John­son, as it put my wife’s other sex toys in the shade.

We had hours of fun as I used my real cock on her back pas­sage and frigged away with the huge plas­ter one in her chuff.

The other week she went to a sex toys party at a friend’s house, one of those rau­cous womenonly events.

She took my plas­ter cock along for a laugh but came home and asked if we could make an­other half-dozen to sell to her pals.

DO you think this is OK? It feels a bit weird think­ing of her mates rid­ing my ‘knob’.

JG, Bolton

Kelly says…

HOW much are you charg­ing for them? The only rea­son I ask is be­cause I’d like to buy one too… er…for a friend, you un­der­stand.

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