I’ve made huge cock-up over neigh­bour’s dick

WEL­COME to the World fa­mous Sport Agony page! No other news­pa­per’s agony aunts can of­fer the level of ad­vice – or ex­pe­ri­ence – than our own Agony An­gels! This week LEXI LOWE has been read­ing through your let­ters. And here’s her ad­vice for you…

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Dear Lexi,

I’VE just made a hor­ri­ble mis­take and dropped a huge clanger with my fella. While we were mak­ing love the other night I called out our new neigh­bour’s name in­stead of his in the heat of pas­sion. It had all started a cou­ple of weeks ago when the wife of the guy in ques­tion in­vited us for get­ting-to-know-you drinks a few days af­ter they had moved in. They were very friendly and pretty free with the wine and I’m afraid I had a few glasses to many. I got tipsy and I stum­bled into the toi­let when my neigh­bour was hav­ing a pee, and I couldn’t help catch­ing sight of his cock – and I have to say it was very im­pres­sive. Far from be­ing em­bar­rassed at my star­ing at his meaty pe­nis, he car­ried on with a grin on his face. A cou­ple of nights later I was ly­ing in bed with my slum­ber­ing fella when I heard the cou­ple next door hav­ing sex. I was so turned-on that I closed my eyes and ca­ressed my clit, re­call­ing what I’d seen just a few days be­fore.

A few days later I saw my neigh­bour’s wife go out. On the pre­text of run­ning out of milk I knocked on their back door. The hus­band opened it, stripped to his shorts.

He smiled and moved to­wards me, guess­ing why I was re­ally there. I don’t know what came over me but I sank to my knees and peeled down his box­ers, re­veal­ing his huge cock in all its glory.


He picked me up and car­ried me to their bed. He eased me out of my clothes and then lay the op­po­site way to me so I could carry on giv­ing him lip ser­vice while he lapped at my pussy lips and swollen clit with his hot tongue.

Af­ter 10 min­utes of teas­ing fore­play I was des­per­ate for him to f**k me. I turned him over and strad­dled him, low­er­ing my­self slowly un­til it was all in­side me, and rode him till I came.

We ended up do­ing it in all the po­si­tions we knew and I lost count of the num­ber of or­gasms I had.

Now I can’t get him out of my mind. And so, as I said, when I had sex with my fella the other night I called out the other guy’s name as I came.

Now my boyfriend is de­mand­ing an ex­pla­na­tion.

What can I do?

Lexi says…

MM, Herts IF you want your re­la­tion­ship to sur­vive you must for­get your neigh­bour. Put it down to a one-off...er, cock-up.

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