Tasty trainee is eager to please

Midweek Sport - - #MY SEX FANTASY -

Dear Dani,

I HAVE a long-term girl­friend who is very pretty – but the new trainee at the of­fice has been tempt­ing me too much lately.

She’s 22, with brown hair and an av­er­age face, but she has MAS­SIVE tits and a lovely, big arse.

Last week it was just me and her in the of­fice and she sat on my lap and she felt my cock go hard af­ter about 30 sec­onds.

I locked the of­fice door, dropped my pants and she started to give me a nice hand­job.

She then swal­lowed my length and af­ter about five min­utes of rapid suck­ing I ex­ploded down her throat.

I pulled up her skirt, slid down her knick­ers and placed my hand on her soak­ing pussy.

I got four fin­gers up her snatch and was frig­ging away while she wanked me off again.

Soon af­ter­wards, she bent over the desk and told me to ram it up her.

I eased my seven-incher into her glis­ten­ing mound and then pounded her while pulling her hair and slap­ping her fat arse. Then she told me to take her up the shit­ter! I’m not usu­ally this dirty, but I got car­ried away with the mo­ment – and f**k me, did it feel good.

I came all over her work shirt and the bits she didn’t lick off we had to mop up with tis­sues.

My man­ager came back five min­utes later and it was ob­vi­ous what we’d been up to.

And he said if I didn’t do over­time for free he’d tell my girl­friend.

What should I do? SP, Lan­cashire

Dani says…

SIM­PLE. Get the trainee to help you with the work!

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