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Midweek Sport - - THE WORLD FAMOUS AGONY -

ONE evening this sum­mer I was hav­ing a beer on the pa­tio when I saw my fit neigh­bour tram­polin­ing in the nude on her back lawn.

She’s in her 40s but still a looker and I was soon hard at the sight of her.

Pretty soon, she caught sight of me and beck­oned me over.

She lay me back on her tram­po­line with my prick in the air and at­tempted to bounce up and down on it.

Need­less to say it wasn’t long be­fore I spunked.

I’m think­ing of buy­ing a tram­po­line for next year, for me and the wife to try.

What do you think?

Bexie says…

SOUNDS like a lot of fun.

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