Older lover is my real su­per­stud on wheels!

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Dear Kelly,

I’M hav­ing great dirty sex with my sugar daddy – who is also my land­lord. I’m 32 and my lover is much older, in his 60s. But we’ve still been bang­ing away ev­ery day for two months. My hus­band, who is 34, is crap in bed and has never made me or­gasm, not even once. His cock is not much big­ger than my lit­tle pinkie – whereas my older lover has got a good nine inches coiled up in his pants.


I’m quite at­trac­tive with a good fig­ure – es­pe­cially my legs and bum, which my randy old goat lover likes to spank be­fore he slips his horn into my hairy sponge. We love role play­ing and my ab­so­lute favourite things to do in the bed­room are dress­ing up as a naughty col­lege girl, pre­tend­ing to be his sec­re­tary or act­ing as a hooker. Quite of­ten I like to dress up for him as a biker girl, in a black leather mi­cro mini skirt and knee-high boots. This is be­cause my lover has a big old mo­tor­bike and I love it when he takes me off for a ride on it.

He’s a big man so he can han­dle the ma­chine and I love the throb of his engine be­tween my thighs.

I get so horny rid­ing on it that I fre­quently or­gasm when I’m strad­dled be­hind him on his big chop­per.

Some­times we stop in the coun­try­side for a bite to eat and then we al­ways get horny and have wild out­doors sex to­gether – it’s amaz­ing!


I re­ally get turned-on when we do it with me bent over the bike by the side of the road.

Usu­ally he comes round to my place when my hubby has gone to work and we shag for hours watch­ing porn on the in­ter­net.

He likes me to suck on his meaty sausage while he ogles the explicit ac­tion on screen.

Now he has asked me to move in with him and I’m think­ing of say­ing yes and dump­ing my use­less hubby.

My only worry is that he’s get­ting on a bit and I know he won’t be able to keep up his su­per­stud act for­ever. What do you think I should do?

MJ, north Lon­don

Kelly says…

IF you can’t keep your hus­band and your lover then your old su­per­stud must be your best bet.

And if he’s loaded, you’ll end up with his dosh when he fi­nally pops his clogs!

Call me an old cynic, but that’s just how some of us girls like to roll!

The cost of liv­ing these days is get­ting be­yond a joke, so you have to sit down and think about the fu­ture.

Dear Kelly,

I RE­ALLY need some sound ad­vice please.

Am I crap at lick­ing a girl out?

The other night I spent three hours be­tween my girl­friend’s legs, try­ing to get her off, but it just wasn’t hap­pen­ing.

I slipped my tongue into her hole and licked her clit un­til I was pretty much blue in the face. But she didn’t get off. I even tried mouthing the al­pha­bet, from A to Z.

After get­ting cramp in my tongue and still noth­ing go­ing on I re­lied on my old chap to do the busi­ness.

I rubbed my dick up and down her wet lips and gave her a good pork­ing.

She shud­dered and shiv­ered as I tick­led her bum hole as I thrust in and out of her, and I had her scream­ing the house down in no time and was soon jizzing up her fanny.

My lover thanked me for her or­gasm by lick­ing the last drops of spunk off my wet knob.

But I just wish I could make her come by lick­ing her out.

Am I do­ing some­thing wrong, or can I learn a new trick that will bring her off?

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