I’m loaded af­ter giv­ing out strip club ‘ex­tras’

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A FRIEND of my hus­band got mar­ried re­cently and for his stag night his pals or­gan­ised a spe­cial night at a strip club. My hubby came home in the early hours of the morn­ing in a right state, so I left him to sleep it off on the couch. In the morn­ing I asked him about the strip show and he told me all about it. He de­scribed how one girl used a cu­cum­ber on her­self be­fore invit­ing men in the au­di­ence to get on stage with her for a live sex show. strip­per story out of my head and de­cided to pay a visit to the club.

I rang up and spoke to a bloke who of­fered me an au­di­tion as a strip­per.

When I got to the club this man told me to take my clothes off so he could check out my fig­ure.

Once I was naked he smiled and said: “You’ll do.”

He then told me the job in­volved shagging on stage.

The whole thing turned me on so much that I told him to take me roughly over the bar.

He then gave me some money to buy a stage out­fit and told me to be back at the club for 9pm that night.

I made an ex­cuse to my hubby about go­ing to see a friend and got to the club 15 min­utes early.

I was told to get changed into my out­fit, then sucked my boss’s cock be­fore I went on stage.

My heart was pound­ing, but once the mu­sic started I be­gan to re­lax and be­fore I knew it I was naked and the crowd was cheer­ing.

That was four months ago and I’ve made over £10,000. This is be­cause I’ve shagged or sucked off loads of blokes as an “ex­tra”.

I’m now think­ing of pack­ing it all in, just in case my hubby finds out, but I’ll miss the cash and the sex.

What should I do?

Sam says…

HK, Es­sex QUIT while you’re ahead. Your hus­band would prob­a­bly go berserk if he found out.

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