Can you give happy end­ing to Mil­lie and Gyp’s story?

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ONCE upon a time, there were two dogs called Mil­lie and Gyp, liv­ing at Fresh­fields An­i­mal Res­cue. They loved each other dearly and wanted to find a home to­gether.

They were eight-years-old, af­fec­tion­ate and adorable, and wanted to find a home where they could cud­dle up to­gether for­ever.

Mil­lie was the ‘pretty one’, a gor­geous Deer­hound cross with fluffy hair and a winning smile.

Poor Gyp was seen by some as the ‘ugly duck­ling’ of the pair, with a gammy leg and some aches and pains.

Gyp had no feel­ing in his front leg due to an ac­ci­dent, and the vet says he might lose the leg one day.

Lots of peo­ple wanted to adopt Mil­lie, but they didn’t want to take her beloved Gyp too.

Mil­lie and Gyp’s hu­man friends at the ken­nels knew that Gyp was a stun­ning swan on the in­side, even if he was a bit quirky on the out­side.

They were des­per­ate to keep this in­sep­a­ra­ble pair to­gether, in a home where they could snug­gle up to­gether in the same bed, like they did when they lived with their pre­vi­ous owner who sadly couldn’t care for them any more.

As time went on, Mil­lie and Gyp were be­com­ing sad in the ken­nels, and al­though they knew it would be dev­as­tat­ing for them, their hu­man car­ers knew they might have to take the heart­break­ing step of split­ting them up. And then... What hap­pened next? We don’t know, be­cause this tale has still to be told.

You have the chance to write a happy end­ing for Mil­lie and Gyp.

This is their last chance to find a home to­gether.

Please help to make their dream come true.

If you can find room in your heart and your home, please give Mil­lie and Gyp the chance of joy and love in the Au­tumn of their lives.

Please contact the Ken­nels on 0151 931 1604 or email ken­nels@fresh­

To see their pro­file, go to www.fresh­

Mil­lie (above) and Gyp (left) are cur­rently at Fresh­fields An­i­mal Res­cue and are look­ing for their for­ever home to­gether

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