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The sign of a good, model rail­way is… signs. Peter Mar­riott demon­strates three ways to add those all-im­por­tant de­tails.

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the sign of a good model rail­way is… signs. peter Mar­riott shows three ways to add these all-im­por­tant de­tails.

When you’re build­ing a model rail­way, some jobs al­ways seem to be an af­ter­thought. How many lay­out builders’ ac­counts have you read where one of the planned fu­ture jobs in­cludes in­stalling signals? Adding signs to a lay­out is al­ways an­other one of those ‘I’ll do that later’ tasks, yet they’re so im­por­tant for that au­then­tic scene-set­ting. Imag­ine your­self on a sta­tion. There’s the run­ning-in board, which tells you where you are. Plat­forms, toilets, ex­its, car parks, shops - there are signs to tell you how to find all of these. There are warn­ing signs, help­ful signs, sim­ple signs and com­plex signs. You see them ev­ery­where… ex­cept on lay­outs. Signs on a lay­out play an­other role, too. Sign styles change over time. So, for ex­am­ple, your choice will sub­tly re­in­force the era that you’ve cho­sen to model. Some lo­ca­tions will have unique signs, and these will need to be mod­elled for ac­cu­racy. There’s no ex­cuse for ne­glect­ing signs in our minia­ture worlds since there are many prod­ucts avail­able, from pro­pri­etary resin sign­posts to down­load­able ones where you can in­put the sta­tion name of your choice. Mod­ern tech­nol­ogy helps, too, as armed with a dig­i­tal cam­era, com­puter and printer, you can make your own.

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