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Ray has just pur­chased his first sound fit­ted model. But, as he ex­plains, it’s been a long time com­ing. “I wish I had known about sound right from the off. I heard some­one men­tion it once and saw a cou­ple of videos on Youtube, but the mod­els aren’t cheap. “I told Anna I’d re­ally like one, but we both won­dered if they’d be a bit gim­micky. How­ever, start­ing our next project I had some money I’d been given for my birth­day, so I de­cided to bite the bul­let - if only for my own sat­is­fac­tion.” The new ad­di­tion to Ray and Anna’s col­lec­tion proved ex­tremely pop­u­lar, and now Ray’s strug­gling to look back. “It’s ab­so­lutely amaz­ing,” he says. “I couldn’t be­lieve the dif­fer­ence. It feels like you’re con­trol­ling some­thing much heav­ier - that’s the only way I can de­scribe it. “Driv­ing a toy train isn’t overly in­spir­ing, but with sound, you can hear it slowly pull away and in­crease speed. You can hear the squeal of the wheels and the brakes - the whole process makes it 100% bet­ter to drive.”

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