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1 The job is to solder these two test pieces of brass to­gether. Firstly, add flux to the joint with an old paint­brush. Flux does two jobs: it cleans the metal and acts as a cat­a­lyst to trans­fer the heat from the sol­der­ing iron.

4 This is a good joint, with a good menis­cus of solder along the joint. But to make it even bet­ter and stronger, ap­ply some se­ri­ous heat from a blow­torch. A small one from Nim­rod is ideal.

2 Start at one end and slowly draw the sol­der­ing iron tip along the joint. Don’t be afraid to re-flux and con­tinue sol­der­ing. Add more small amounts of solder to com­plete the joint as you ar­rive at the other end.

5 Here, as you can see, the joint is ex­cel­lent in both looks and strength. A rub over with a fi­bre glass pen­cil will re­move any traces of flux and ex­cess solder.

3 To check to see if the sol­der­ing has been suc­cess­ful, turn the job around and look at the back. A good join will be sol­dered both sides. Here, there hasn’t been enough heat to per­me­ate the solder through the joint.

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