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Apart from a sol­der­ing iron, solder and flux, there are a few other tools you’ll need to com­plete a kit:

Tin snips - to cut parts from etches

Files - to re­move flash from whitemetal cast­ings and to re­move ex­cess solder

Spring clamps (in­clud­ing hair grips) to hold parts to­gether while you solder

Scraps of wood - to rest the work piece on in or­der to pro­tect your work­bench from heat

Glass fi­bre pen­cil - to clean the etches. Ac­cord­ing to Dave: “You’ll get a bit of ox­ide on the etch from peo­ple

han­dling it, but it won’t im­pair the sol­der­ing be­cause the flux will get rid of that lit­tle bit of ox­ide.” How­ever, run­ning a glass fi­bre pen­cil over the etch will re­move the ox­ide and, as Dave said, click­ing his fin­gers, “if you tinned that now, it’ll go just like that.”

Metal weights (the weights from the in­side of old Lima ‘OO’ gauge mod­els are ideal) - to hold the work piece in po­si­tion. Don’t do what I did, how­ever; I had a metal

weight touch­ing the work piece and it ab­sorbed so much heat that it af­fected the sol­der­ing.

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