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Model Rail (UK) - - Layout A Nod To Brent -

Scenery is the glue that holds a model land­scape to­gether, but it’s very of­ten the build­ings that iden­tify a pro­to­type lay­out’s ex­act lo­ca­tion. Robin has spent time and ef­fort to en­sure that the build­ings on ‘A Nod to Brent’ ac­cu­rately de­pict the real Brent sta­tion, and he has a few tips to help you out too. Never un­der­es­ti­mate the value of mock-up build­ings. They’re easy to make and pro­vide an ac­cu­rate, tac­tile vis­ual aid as to where new build­ings and sur­round­ing de­tails should go. Robin com­mis­sioned DJ Model­mak­ing Ser­vices’ David Amias to cre­ate the sta­tion build­ings and over­bridge from scale draw­ings. The build­ings ar­rived in pieces, mak­ing them eas­ier for Robin to paint. Robin has been care­ful not to leave an un­sightly gap be­tween the bot­tom of his build­ings and the sur­face on which they stand. This im­age shows how he’s in­set the sig­nal box to en­sure a snug fit. Posters not only help to place the era of a lay­out, but they make great dec­o­ra­tions. Robin gets all of his posters from www.sankeyscen­





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