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Un­screw the seat­ing unit to re­veal the speak­er­mount­ing lo­ca­tion, above the bo­gie. The Le­go­manbiffo pack­age ap­pears to be a generic DMU kit with a choice of two speak­ers, nei­ther of which fit the mount in the Dapol model. Be­fore fit­ting the de­coder, I sol­dered the other ends of the fine wires to the tiny ter­mi­nals marked LS+ and LS-. It’s a much sim­pler job than it seems, re­quir­ing only a deft touch with a hot solder­ing iron. Take care not to bend the pins when re­mov­ing the ana­logue PCB. Gen­tle lever­age from un­der­neath, close to the mount­ing pins, will help ease the PCB away. Keep it just in case you ever de­cide to go back to ana­logue. The speaker needs to be po­si­tioned to en­able the two flange screws to hold it in place. Once se­cured, it presents a sealed edge around the speaker. The DCC de­coder can then be pressed into place on the 21-pin lo­ca­tor. DCC Sup­plies of­fers a 20mm round speaker that fits per­fectly within the flanged Dapol mount­ing. Two short, fine wires are needed – I snipped 30mm lengths from the spare speaker and sol­dered them to the round speaker.

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