Model Rail (UK) - - WORK BENCH -

1 This is one of the eas­i­est plas­tic kits you’ll ever build. As­sem­ble the four walls around the floor sec­tion. When the glue’s dry, paint the in­te­rior grey, along with the lower part of the levers.

2 Cut the clear plas­tic glaz­ing to fit the win­dow frames. Use a pin-point ap­pli­ca­tor to ap­ply the poly ce­ment so that you don’t smear it onto the glaz­ing.

3 Paint the roof us­ing the same grey paint. Then dry-brush on a lit­tle white to bring some re­lief to the de­tail, fol­lowed by some matt var­nish.

4 Paint the Os­born’s sig­nal box plate us­ing Rail­match GWR light and dark stone enam­els. When dry, fix the ’box name­plate us­ing Wood­land Scen­ics glue.

5 Os­born’s also pro­duces a 3D-printed sig­nal­man. Be­cause the win­dows are quite small, I painted him us­ing Tamiya flat black.

6 Paint the sig­nal­man’s face and hands us­ing a flesh colour and glue him into po­si­tion. Paint the lever han­dles in suit­able colours, then glue on the roof.

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