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H.A.V. Bulleid’s book Bulleid of the South­ern is rec­om­mended for the full story of how the South­ern Rail­way’s chief me­chan­i­cal en­gi­neer ar­rived at the idea of build­ing three diesel-electrics. What is of­ten for­got­ten is that they were de­signed be­fore H.G. Ivatt’s Co-cos for the LMS. How­ever, Bulleid’s lo­co­mo­tives were not au­tho­rised un­til after­wards. 10201/202 were built at Ash­ford in 1950/1951. They were pow­ered by 1,750hp ver­sions of LMS 10000/10001’s English Elec­tric 1,600hp en­gines. 10203, built at Brighton in 1953/54, sported a 2,000hp ver­sion of the same en­gine. 10203 en­tered ser­vice at Nine elms in July 1954. It spent just over a year on the South­ern be­fore it was trans­ferred to Cam­den, on the Lon­don Mid­land Re­gion, in Au­gust 1955. South­ern driv­ers ap­pre­ci­ated the rid­ing qual­i­ties and the power but, ap­par­ently, pas­sen­gers didn’t like the smell. dur­ing the late 1950s, 10203 lost its black and sil­ver liv­ery for BR lined green. Willes­den be­came its new home from Novem­ber 1959 and, some­time after­wards, its South­ern-style whis­tles were re­placed by air horns. The lo­co­mo­tive was put into store at derby on Oc­to­ber 15 1962 and was fi­nally with­drawn on de­cem­ber 12 1963. It was fi­nally scrapped by Cash­more’s in March 1968.


2: Bulleid de­signed his diesels to match the body pro­file of his coaches. The shape suited black and sil­ver but, ar­guably, looked less strik­ing in lined green. 10203 passes Birdswood, Cheshire, with the Down ‘Royal Scot’ on April 27 1957.


1: 10203 is in ex­cel­lent con­di­tion at Eastleigh on Septem­ber 24 1955. Its trans­fer to Cam­den must have taken place after the four weeks end­ing Au­gust 13 1955, which was noted on its En­gine His­tory card. The po­si­tion of the roof vents by the horn is clearly vis­i­ble.


3: 10203’s airhorns are prom­i­nent in this view of the Bulleid diesel in store at Derby works in De­cem­ber 1962. It was not scrapped un­til March 1968.

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