Run­nin’ With The Devil

Noel E. Monk With Joe Lay­den

Mojo (UK) - - Filter Albums -

A seamy tell-all from Van Halen’s for­mer tour/ per­sonal man­ager.

“We were mon­sters. All of us,” writes Monk. He man­aged Van Halen un­til the clas­sic line-up’s 1985 demise, and you’ll need a strong stom­ach for his de­bauched tour tales and grim glo­ri­fi­ca­tion of “ul­tra­vi­o­lence” meted out upon boot­leg­gers. There’s lit­tle about VH’s mu­sic here. In­stead, we get a darkly com­pelling char­ac­ter study/ as­sas­si­na­tion cen­ter­ing upon Monk’s takes on David Lee Roth, a “con­trol freak”, “bully” and nat­u­ral-born star “who was the smartest guy in the band by a wide mar­gin”, and Ed­die Van Halen, a “sen­si­tive and in­tro­verted” man-child who would curl-up cry­ing in Monk’s lap, and who, like his al­co­holic brother Alex, “came from a mon­u­men­tally fuckedup fam­ily”. Lighter mo­ments in­clude a back­stage search for Tony Iommi’s pros­thetic fin­ger and Ed­die ac­ci­den­tally lump­ing Jour­ney’s Steve Perry with a bowl of gua­camole meant for Dave, but then it’s back to pa­ter­nity suits, drugfugs, and Alex propo­si­tion­ing Monk’s wife. James McNair

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