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Where The Gods Are In Peace



Outer-space con­cept tril­ogy from Brook­lyn’s finest Afrobeat en­sem­ble.

And now we know the an­swer to the ques­tion: “What if Silent Run­ning had been a Fela Kuti track rather than a Bruce Dern film?” Twenty-strong at last count, Martin Perna’s Afrobeat or­ches­tra here de­liver a sixth al­bum that only con­tains three “ar­range­ments” – they are def­i­nitely not just “songs” or “tunes” – but has an im­pres­sive grandeur and sym­phonic sweep. There is also, hid­den among the so­los, a mes­sage it’s hard to ig­nore: thanks to op­por­tunism and greed, the sys­tem we have is bro­ken, can we re­turn it, please, and start again? The 11-minute Gold Rush ex­plores how Amer­ica’s indige­nous peo­ple were shafted; Hook & Crook de­votes nine minutes to dis­sect­ing colo­nial­ism; and the three­move­ment Tomb­stown ad­dresses a pos­si­ble fu­ture. Heavy mat­ters, but em­i­nently dance­able, too, thanks to some glo­ri­ous play­ing and an ad­her­ence to the spirit of Kuti.

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