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★★★★ Mul­berry Vi­o­lence BABY HALO. CD/DL/LP New rein­car­na­tion for Youth La­goon, the neo-psy­che­delic Idaho na­tive. Ex­tra­or­di­nary.

With this al­bum, Trevor Pow­ers has killed his Youth La­goon per­sona stone dead. Af­ter a tril­ogy of whim­si­cal, ten­ta­tive dream­pop al­bums re­leased between 2011-2015, Pow­ers found him­self in a “men­tal dun­geon”. He spent two years gather­ing a li­brary of grotesque, en­tranc­ing found sounds, and then edited it to­gether with his po­etry in a stu­dio in Texas. Titling the re­sults Mul­berry Vi­o­lence, because mul­berry trees sig­nify “a link between heaven and earth”, this al­bum is about still­ness, pan­de­mo­nium and the war­ring psy­che. No less. But it works as a pow­er­ful artis­tic state­ment. Gone are the con­ven­tional song struc­tures to be re­placed by shred­ding elec­tron­ics, a gen­der-less child­like voice, stut­ter­ing rhythms and beau­ti­ful, lus­cious pi­ano chords. “Fi­nally I ac­cept my­self,” Pow­ers sings on Dicegame, “There’s noth­ing fake about that.”

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