Brighten up your space and fill this pa­jaki-in­spired hang­ing with fresh blooms

Brighten up your home with Karolina Mer­ska’s colour­ful pa­jaki chandelier planter

Mollie Makes - - Contents - Karolina Mer­ska Orig­i­nally from Poland, Karolina be­lieves pa­jaki (pro­nounced pah-yonk-ee) chan­de­liers re­ally do bring hap­pi­ness. Now based in Lon­don, Karolina runs work­shops on how to make these tra­di­tional dec­o­ra­tions and re­veals her se­crets to mak­ing th


Metal hoop, 30cm (11 7/8") di­am­e­ter Crepe pa­per Tis­sue pa­per Coloured card Clear straws Cot­ton twine Em­broi­dery nee­dle Rib­bon Cir­cle punch Com­pass Craft glue Alu­minium foil Four small plant pots or tealight hold­ers, 6cm (2 3/8") di­am­e­ter Still feel­ing the loss of cheery fes­tive dec­o­ra­tions in your home? Then in­ject some colour with Karolina’s pa­jaki-in­spired planter. A tra­di­tional Pol­ish dec­o­ra­tion, pa­jaki chan­de­liers are in­tended to be bold and bright, so fish out your most eye-catch­ing shades of pa­per and card to make a state­ment hang­ing to hold four mini plants.

If you re­ally want to go all out, make pom poms – known as kalinka – in rain­bow hues by us­ing a dif­fer­ent shade of tis­sue pa­per for each layer. Or, pick a se­lec­tion of colours that will com­ple­ment the flow­ers you’ll be plant­ing.

01 Cut a 2cm (¾") wide strip from your crepe pa­per and glue one end to your hoop. Wrap it around the hoop, over­lap­ping the pa­per as you go, then glue the end in place.

02 Cut four 80cm (31½") lengths of twine and tie them at evenly spaced points around the hoop. Use the punch to cut 32 cir­cles from the coloured card, then cut the straws into eight 8cm (3 1/8") pieces and 28 3cm (1 ¼") pieces.

03 Thread each string with seven short straws and two long straws, start­ing and fin­ish­ing with the longer pieces, and adding a cir­cle be­tween each straw. Once each string has been threaded, gather all four strings to­gether and knot.

04 To make the top pom pom, fold your tis­sue pa­per to cre­ate 15 lay­ers. Use your com­pass to draw out a 10cm (4") di­am­e­ter cir­cle onto the tis­sue pa­per, then push a nee­dle through the lay­ers to hold them to­gether. Cut out the cir­cles, then make eight evenly spaced cuts around the cen­tre.

05 Sep­a­rate out the lay­ers. Twist the sec­tions on each layer be­tween your fin­gers, squeez­ing and fold­ing in the same di­rec­tion as shown.

06 Thread a nee­dle with a dou­bled length of twine, knot it at the base, then wrap a small piece of foil around the knot. Thread on each layer of tis­sue pa­per, chang­ing the di­rec­tion of the curved sec­tions each time to cre­ate a round pom pom. Knot the thread to se­cure.

07 To at­tach the pom pom, thread the nee­dle with two of the lengths you knot­ted to­gether in Step 3. Thread through the cen­tre of the pom pom, push­ing it down to­wards

the four knot­ted lengths. Knot to se­cure, then tie a loop of rib­bon through the knot for hang­ing. Trim off any ex­cess twine.

08 To make a plant holder, cut four 60cm (23 5/8") lengths of twine. Thread over the hoop where a length of twine is al­ready at­tached, cre­at­ing eight equal lengths. Re­peat at the other three points where the twine meets the hoop.

09 Sep­a­rate a set of eight lengths into four pairs. Knot the pairs about 15cm (6") down, then knot an­other two lengths from a dif­fer­ent pair roughly 5cm (2") down. Re­peat once more, then knot all lengths to­gether at the bot­tom. Re­peat with the re­main­ing three sets.

10 Cut four 70cm (27 5/8") lengths of twine, then use the cir­cle punch to cut 20 cir­cles from the coloured card. Cut the straws into eight 8cm (3 1/8") pieces and 16 3cm (1 ") pieces, then thread each string with four short straws and two long straws, start­ing and fin­ish­ing with the longer pieces, and adding a cir­cle be­tween each straw.

11 Tie the end of each string to the hoop, ei­ther side of the plant hold­ers, so they hang in be­tween.

12 Re­peat Steps 4-6 to make an­other four pom poms, this time us­ing your com­pass to draw an 8cm (3 1/8") di­am­e­ter cir­cle onto your tis­sue pa­per. At­tach them to the hoop, cov­er­ing the knots where the plant pot hold­ers are tied on.

13 Pot a small plant into each of your four pots, then care­fully place one into each of the hold­ers. Hang in your home to dis­play.

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