Use sewing, knit­ting and cro­chet to cre­ate the pret­ti­est heir­loom bear – Do­ri­ana Draghici shows you how

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From her flo­ral fab­ric ears right down to her lit­tle tippy toes, this heir­loom bear makes for the most beau­ti­ful hand­made gift.

As well as turn­ing your hand to sewing, you’ll knit the top sec­tion of her cosy dress, then cro­chet her pretty pom pom shawl to cre­ate an au­tum­nal out­fit combo we’d love to have in our wardrobe.

Use scraps of your loveli­est fab­rics and yarns, make with love, then gift as a life­time com­pan­ion any lit­tle girl will trea­sure for­ever.


You’ll knit the top of the dress first, then cro­chet the shawl. Next, fol­low the steps to sew the bear, and fin­ish her out­fit and ac­ces­sories.

Dress top

Knit­ted straight so turn at the end of each row Us­ing 2.25mm nee­dles and Yarn A, cast on 30 sts Rows 1-3 k

Row 4 k5, kfbf, k3, kfbf, k10, kfbf, k3, kfbf, k5 [38sts] Row 5 p Row 6 k6, m2b, k5, m2b, k2, m2b, k5, m2b, k6 [46sts] Row 7 p Row 8 k7, m2b, k7, m2b, k14, m2b, k7, m2b, k7 [54sts] Row 9 p Row 10 k8, m2b, k9, m2b, k16, m2b, k9, m2b, k8 [62sts] Row 11 p Row 12 k9, m2b, k11, m2b, k18, m2b, k11, m2b, k9 [70sts] Row 13 p Row 14 k10, m2b, k13, m2b, k20, m2b, k13, m2b, k10 [78sts] Row 15 p Row 16 k12, move next 15sts onto stitch marker, k24, move next 15sts onto stitch mark­ers, k12 [48sts] Row 17 p11, p2­tog, p22, p2­tog, p11 [46sts] Row 18 k Row 19 *p2­tog, slip st from right nee­dle onto left nee­dle; re­peat from * to end. Break yarn and fas­ten off. Dress top sleeves With RS fac­ing, place sts from first stitch marker onto nee­dle to start knit­ting Row 1 k1, m1k, k13, m1k, k1 [17sts] Row 2 p Row 3 k1, m1k, k15, m1k, k1 [19sts] Row 4 p Row 5 k Re­peat Rows 4 and 5 twice and then Row 4 once again. Rows 11-13 k Row 14 *p2­tog, slip st from right nee­dle onto left nee­dle; re­peat from * to end. Break yarn and fas­ten off. Re­peat for sec­ond sleeve. Turn the sleeves through to the RS, then sew up the sleeve seam us­ing mat­tress stitch.


Us­ing 3mm cro­chet hook and Yarn B, ch32 leav­ing a long yarn tail Row 1 1tr in 3rd ch from hook (2ch missed counts as 1tr), 1tr in each ch to end, turn [31sts] Row 2 ch2 (counts as 1tr), 1tr in each st to end, turn Row 3 re­peat Row 2 Row 4 7tr in 4th st along, miss 2 sts, ss in next st, *miss 2 sts, 7tr in next st, miss 2 sts, ss in next st; re­peat from * to end of row. Break yarn and fas­ten off. Us­ing the long tail from the start, ch7 and ss in 1st ch to make a but­ton loop.

Bear body

Fold the main fab­ric in half with right sides (RS) to­gether, then use the tem­plates on page 99 to trace on the main body, two legs and two arms. Pin the fab­ric to­gether, then sew along the traced out­line, leav­ing the straight edge at the base of each piece open.

Cut out the shapes. On the main body, make sev­eral cuts in the seam al­lowance along the curves at both sides of the head and neck. Turn all the pieces RS out and stuff.

Fold the raw edges at the base of the main body to the wrong side





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