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(WS) and pin. Place the raw end of each leg in­side the main body and pin, en­sur­ing their length is equal, and us­ing the im­age for place­ment. Sew in place us­ing lad­der stitch.

Iron the in­ter­fac­ing onto the WS of the pat­terned fab­ric for the ears. Fold in half with RS to­gether, then use the ear tem­plate to trace on two ears. Sew along the traced line, leav­ing the bot­tom edges open.

Cut out both ears, turn RS out, then stuff. Fold the raw edges to the WS and pin to the head, us­ing the marks on the main body tem­plate as a guide. Sew us­ing lad­der stitch.

Fold the raw edges of the arms to the WS and press in place. Pin the arms to each side of the bear’s body as shown and sew, go­ing around the cir­cum­fer­ence twice to se­cure them in place.

Us­ing the face tem­plate, cut the oval from the cream felt and the nose from the black felt, then sew the nose onto the cream felt. Draw on the mouth de­tails, then em­broi­der us­ing black thread.

Us­ing the main im­age and the mark­ings on the main body tem­plate as a guide, draw on the eyes. Em­broi­der us­ing black thread, then bring the nee­dle up at the point where the nose will sit to hide the thread end. At­tach the face onto the head us­ing back­stitch and match­ing thread.

Sew along the bot­tom edge of the skirt fab­ric, 0.5cm ( ") in from the edge, then sew a gath­er­ing stitch along the top edge of the skirt fab­ric. Pull to gather.

Pin the top of the skirt to the bot­tom of the knit­ted top, mak­ing sure the gath­ers are even. Sew, then pull the gath­er­ing thread out. Fold the dress in half along the length with WS to­gether, align­ing the raw edges of the skirt. Pin and sew along the skirt length.

Us­ing Yarn A and a ta­pes­try nee­dle, sew along the length of the top. Thread a cou­ple of yarn lengths through the neck­line of the top to use to fas­ten in a bow.

Sew the but­ton onto the top cor­ner of the shawl with­out a but­ton­hole. Us­ing the pom pom maker, Yarn B and Yarn C, make two pom poms, then tie around the but­ton, leav­ing the yarn ends loose.

Fold the grey felt in half and trace on two boots us­ing the tem­plate. Sew along the traced out­line, leav­ing the straight edge at the base of each piece open.

Cut out both boots and turn RS out. Cut a V-shape from the top front of each boot, then use a length of Yarn A to sew on laces as shown. Tie the lace ends into bows, then dress the bear to fin­ish.

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