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White aida, 25 x 15cm (97/ x 6") 8 Back­ing fab­ric, 25 x 15cm (97/ x 6") 8 10 ply yarn in pink, grey and li­lac Metal­lic gold thread Blue seed beads, 3mm ( 1 /8") Pink faceted beads, 4mm ( ") Wooden beads, 0.5cm ( ") Blue seed bead, 1.5mm ( 1 /16") Strong sewing thread (we use Habu Silk Wrapped Pa­per) Yel­low em­broi­dery thread Bead­ing nee­dle, size 12 Darn­ing nee­dle, size 3 Em­broi­dery hoop Whether you’re at the of­fice or a week­end brunch, this in­tri­cate cuff will add next-level style to any out­fit, be it jeans and a white tee, or a plain black play­suit.

Work up the de­sign us­ing beads, ba­sic em­broi­dery stitches and knot­ted cot­tons, and re­fer to the stitch guide on page 98 if there are any tech­niques you need help with. And, you can ei­ther fol­low our colour guide or choose shades in your fave colour­way to make a chunky piece of arm candy you won’t want to step out with­out.

01 Use a pen­cil to draw a 12 x 4cm (4 x 15/ 8") rec­tan­gle onto the aida. Round off the cor­ners, then draw a 1cm ( 3 /8") bor­der around the out­side. Re­peat on the back­ing fab­ric, then place this to one side.

02 In the smaller rec­tan­gle, draw a hor­i­zon­tal oval, a cir­cle in­side the oval, and a ver­ti­cal rec­tan­gle ei­ther side of it, as shown.

03 Place the aida into an em­broi­dery hoop, po­si­tion­ing the de­sign at the cen­tre.

04 Thread the darn­ing nee­dle with a length of pink yarn, then stitch around the smaller rounded rec­tan­gle bor­der us­ing chain stitch.

05 Next, fill the end sec­tions of the small rec­tan­gle. Thread the bead­ing nee­dle and bring it up through the aida at one cor­ner. Add three pink beads, then take it back down, close to where it came up. This means the beads won’t sit flush to the fab­ric, giv­ing a raised tex­ture to the de­sign. Re­peat un­til the sec­tion is filled, then re­peat again at the op­po­site end.

06 Thread the darn­ing nee­dle with two strands of grey yarn, then fill the ver­ti­cal rec­tan­gles with grey bul­lion knots. Next, use gold

metal­lic thread to fill the sec­tion around the hor­i­zon­tal oval with gold bul­lion knots.

Thread the bead­ing nee­dle and fill the oval with the larger blue seed beads as per Step 5, leav­ing the cir­cle at the cen­tre un­filled.

Bring the same nee­dle up through the fab­ric at the edge of the cir­cle, then thread on eight wooden beads. Take the nee­dle down just slightly over from the place it came up, then push the beads down against the fab­ric, around the out­side of the cir­cle and against the blue beads. Bring the nee­dle back up in be­tween ev­ery third bead, loop­ing it over the thread and tak­ing it back down, to se­cure the beads in place.

Bring the nee­dle up through the cen­tre of the cir­cle, thread on one pink bead and the small blue seed bead, then take it back down through the cen­tre again. Fill any gaps with gold bul­lion knots.

Cut around the outer bor­der on both the aida and the back­ing fab­ric. Place with wrong sides to­gether, then back­stitch around the out­side to join.

Thread the darn­ing nee­dle with two strands of li­lac yarn. Se­cure the fab­rics to­gether by tak­ing the nee­dle down through the aida, just out­side the chain stitched bor­der, bring­ing it up and around to cover the raw edges, then tak­ing it back down next to the pre­vi­ous stitch. Work around the out­side, en­sur­ing all the fab­ric is cov­ered.

Cut four 30cm (117/ lengths of yel­low em­broi­dery thread. Thread the darn­ing nee­dle with two lengths, and slip it through three stitches at the end of the bracelet. Pull it through half­way, plait the four lengths, then knot the ends. Trim, then re­peat on the other side with the re­main­ing two lengths.

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