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MA­TE­RI­ALS For the loom

Four pieces of wood, 90 x 3 x 1.5cm (35½ x 1¼ x 5 /8") Hard­board nails, 12 x 14mm (x1 / 1 / ") 8 8 Two clout nails, 12 x 3.5mm ( 1 / x 13/ ") 8 8 Ham­mer Chisel Set square

For the weav­ing

DY Choice Aran with Wool in Peat (Yarn A) Women’s Institute Cot­ton in Cream (Yarn B) Ka­tia Peru in Yarn 11 (Yarn C) Ka­tia Con­cept All Sea­sons Cot­ton in Salmon Range (Yarn D) Knitcraft Aran in Co­ral (Yarn E) Knitcraft Hug It Out in Steel (Yarn F) and Shell (Yarn G) Pa­tons 100% Cot­ton DK in Nec­tarine (Yarn H) Four packs of nat­u­ral wool rov­ing in cream (Yarn I) and pink (Yarn J) Two pom pom mak­ers, 3.5cm (13/ ") and 5.5cm (2¼") 8 Yarn nee­dle Bam­boo cane Soft greys, earthy creams and dusky pinks are the loveli­est tones for bed­room dé­cor, cre­at­ing a calm­ing am­bi­ence.

Made with nat­u­ral fi­bres, in­clud­ing soft-as-a cloud wool rov­ing, use this tac­tile hanging to add tex­ture and in­ter­est to a plain wall, in­stantly trans­form­ing a room.

01 To make the loom, lie two pieces of wood hor­i­zon­tally on a flat sur­face – th­ese will be the top and bot­tom. Mea­sure and mark 0.5cm ( ") in­ter­vals across both pieces, then ham­mer in nails where marked, leav­ing 1cm ( 3 /8") of each nail ex­posed. Mark two 3cm (1 ") wide sec­tions on the bot­tom of each piece, 4cm (15/ 8") in from ei­ther end. Chisel a 1.5cm ( 5 /8") deep re­cess from the sec­tions.

02 Place the two re­main­ing pieces of wood ver­ti­cally into th­ese re­cesses to form a square, then nail the wood to­gether to se­cure.

03 Knot Yarn A around the bot­tom left of the loom. To warp the loom, wind the yarn up and down around the nails, two at a time, and keep­ing it taut, un­til the warp is

roughly 50cm (19 ") wide. Knot at the bot­tom right cor­ner to fin­ish.

Start with a sec­tion of tabby weav­ing. Thread the nee­dle with a length of Yarn B, then weave it un­der, then over, al­ter­na­tive warp threads across the loom. Take it back across the loom in the op­po­site di­rec­tion, this time weav­ing over the warps it went un­der, and un­der the warps it went over. Work two rows.

Cre­ate the fring­ing us­ing rya knots. Cut two 30cm (117/ lengths of Yarn B and fold in half. Lay the cen­tre over the first two warp threads, then pass the left side un­der and around the left warp thread, and the right side un­der and around the right warp thread. Pull the yarn to the bot­tom of the loom, then tighten to knot. Re­peat across the re­main­ing warp threads.

Trim the fring­ing into a point. Add an­other row of rya knots across the cen­tre third of the warp us­ing Yarn D, then trim to match the point be­low.

Use tabby weav­ing in Yarn C to cre­ate a curved block of grey colour. Be­gin by work­ing across all warps, then start each row of weav­ing fur­ther across to cre­ate an an­gle. Use your hands to move the weav­ing down the loom.

Cut two 10cm (4") lengths of Yarn D and fold in half. Wrap the cen­tre around the first warp thread, then pull the ends through the loop. Pull tightly to knot, and re­peat across the re­main­ing warp threads. Trim the ends to cre­ate a sec­tion of fluffy fring­ing.

Work tabby weav­ing and Yarn E across the left of the loom, fin­ish­ing with a sin­gle row across the width, above the fluffy fring­ing.

Work a sec­tion of tabby weav­ing in Yarn F, eight rows high, cov­er­ing the left two-thirds of the loom.

Use Yarns A, E and H to make two pom poms. Tie onto the warp at the right of the Yarn F block.

Use Yarn I and tabby weav­ing to add a sec­tion on the right of the loom, weav­ing un­der and over two strands at a time. Gen­tly pull the rov­ing away from the warp as you go to add tex­ture, us­ing the main im­age as a guide to place­ment.

Next, add a sec­tion of sumak stitch. Weave a length of Yarn G un­der two warp threads and back over, then un­der the next three warp threads, and back over the last two. Work each con­sec­u­tive row in the op­po­site di­rec­tion, and work eight rows in to­tal.

Use Yarn C to add a small sec­tion of rya knots, again, us­ing the im­age for place­ment. Add a sec­tion of tabby weav­ing in Yarn J above, then a small sec­tion of tabby weav­ing in Yarn C.

Re­peat Step 10 to make three pom poms and tie on the left of the loom. Tie a 10cm (4") piece of Yarn A around a warp thread on the right to make a loop, knot­ting at the back, then re­peat 10 times.

Add an­other sec­tion of tabby weav­ing in Yarn C, then a fi­nal sec­tion of tabby weav­ing in Yarn G.

Weave in any loose ends at the back, then cut the warp threads 15cm (6") above the top row of weav­ing. Tie the ends to­gether.

Care­fully pull the weav­ing off the bot­tom nails of the loom. Tie the top warp threads around the bam­boo cane, then trim any ex­cess thread. Tie a length of Yarn A to ei­ther end of the bam­boo to hang.

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