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One fat quar­ter each of Moda Fab­rics Big Sky by An­nie Brady in Mon­tana in Azure (Fab­ric A), Tulip in Azure (Fab­ric B), Leaf in Azure (Fab­ric C), Griz­zly (Fab­ric D), Dot in Azure (Fab­ric E) and Birch in Azure (Fab­ric F) Two fat quar­ters of Moda Fab­rics Big Sky by An­nie Brady Tulip in Teal (Fab­ric G) Back­ing fab­ric, 1m (393/ ") 8 Bind­ing fab­ric, 50cm (19¾") Match­ing sewing thread Wadding, 85 x 105cm (33½ x 413/ 8") Card­board Ro­tary cut­ter Cut­ting mat Fab­ric marker If the thought of sewing a gor­geous heir­loom quilt has al­ways ap­pealed, this mini ver­sion for kids is a fun start­ing point. And, they’ll love the fact it dou­bles up as an in­stant wood­land den.

The smaller size makes for an easy way to get to grips with tech­niques such as join­ing hex­ies and adding bind­ing, plus you’ll fi­nally have an ex­cuse to use those fat quar­ters you’ve got squir­relled away.

01 Us­ing the tem­plate on page 99, cut a hexagon shape from card­board. Trim the raw edges from all the fat quar­ters. Cut four hexagons each from Fab­rics A-F, and five hexagons from Fab­ric G. Be sure to cut all the hexagons in the same di­rec­tion on the fab­ric.

02 Pierce the dots on the tem­plate with a pin, then use it to mark a dot on the back of each hexagon through the holes. This will mark on the 0.5cm ( ") seam al­lowance.

03 Cut the hexagons in Fab­rics B,C, E and G in half hor­i­zon­tally, from point to point. Lay out the whole hexagons in five col­umns of five, us­ing the guide op­po­site for place­ment, then add the half hexagons to the top and bot­tom rows to cre­ate flat edges.

04 Take two whole hexagons from the top left cor­ner of the lay­out and, with right sides (RS) to­gether and edges aligned, pin.

05 Sew along one edge, start­ing with the nee­dle in one dot, and go­ing no fur­ther than the op­po­site dot, back­stitch­ing to se­cure the thread. Open out, then con­tinue to add the rest of the hexagons to the col­umn in the same way. Re­peat with the re­main­ing four col­umns.

06 To join the col­umns to­gether, align the side of one hexagon col­umn with an­other. With RS to­gether, pin one hexagon edge and sew from dot to dot, se­cur­ing the ends with back­stitch. Open up

and line up the next two edges, fold­ing the pre­vi­ous hexagon in half to get them to meet cor­rectly. Pin and sew, tak­ing care not to sew past the dot, or the fab­ric will pucker.

07 Con­tinue to join the col­umns as per Step 6 un­til the quilt top is com­plete. Press the seams on the wrong side (WS) of the quilt top, then turn over and press the RS.

08 Us­ing the quilt top as a tem­plate, cut a piece of back­ing fab­ric mea­sur­ing 10cm (4") larger than the quilt top on all sides. Lay it RS side down, then place the wadding on top, and add the quilt top RS up. Pin all three lay­ers to­gether, then quilt by stitch­ing straight lines 2.5cm (1") apart, us­ing a walk­ing foot. Trim the quilt edges.

09 Cut the bind­ing fab­ric into five 6.5cm (23/ ") x width of fab­ric strips. 8 Place two strips with RS to­gether and sew along one short end to join, then add the re­main­ing strips in the same way to make one long length of bind­ing. Press open the seams, then fold in half along the length with WS to­gether and press.

10 Start­ing 20cm (77/ 8") in from one end of the bind­ing, and at the mid­dle of one quilt edge, pin the bind­ing to the back of the quilt with RS to­gether, align­ing the raw edges. Sew us­ing a 0.5cm ( ") seam, stop­ping 0.5cm ( ") in from the first cor­ner.

11 Ro­tate the quilt to pre­pare for the next edge. Fold the bind­ing up­wards so the raw edge is in line with the quilt edge, then hold in place with your fin­ger. Fold the bind­ing di­rectly down, align­ing the fold with the top edge of the quilt. Pin in place. Con­tinue sewing the bind­ing to the next edge of the quilt as per Step 10, re­peat­ing Step 11 on all three re­main­ing cor­ners.

13 Trim the two ends of the bind­ing so they over­lap by 0.5cm ( "). With RS to­gether, sew, press the seam open, then sew the rest of the bind­ing with a 0.5cm ( ") seam. Fold the bind­ing over to the front of the quilt, keep­ing the raw edge tucked un­der, then top stitch the folded edge of the bind­ing to fin­ish.

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