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Two pieces of black cot­ton twill fab­ric, 43 x 32cm (17 x 125/ 8") Iron-on in­ter­fac­ing, 43 x 32cm (17 x 125/ 8") White em­broi­dery thread Em­broi­dery nee­dle Tailor’s chalk Sewing thread in white and black Spotty rib­bon, 60cm (235/ 8"), 0.5cm ( ") wide Fab­ric glue Two small gold bells Hook and eye

When it comes to all things fe­line, we’re def­i­nitely some­where on the crazy cat lady spec­trum, which puts Han­nah Read-Bal­drey’s cat col­lar top of our ‘to-make’ list.

We’ll be wear­ing it with an LBD and bright red lippy to give cute-but-spooky vibes at Hal­loween par­ties, then pair­ing it with a sim­ple top to add a touch of kitsch to ev­ery­day wardrobe sta­ples. So much classier than whiskers and a tail made from black tights, yes?

01 Back one piece of the black twill fab­ric with in­ter­fac­ing, fol­low­ing the man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions. Pin to the sec­ond piece of black fab­ric with wrong sides to­gether, sand­wich­ing the layer of in­ter­fac­ing be­tween the two.

02 Use the tem­plate on page 99 to mark out a cat shape on the fab­ric, then care­fully cut it out through both the lay­ers, us­ing scis­sors or a craft knife and cut­ting mat.

03 Un­pin the two fab­rics. Us­ing the tem­plate as a guide, mark the eye and eye­lash place­ment onto one of the fab­ric shapes. Em­broi­der on us­ing three strands of white thread and small straight stitches.

04 Pin the two pieces of fab­ric back to­gether again, this time with right sides out. Sew around the out­side of both pieces to join, as close as pos­si­ble to the edge. Next, zigzag stitch or over­lock all raw edges on the col­lar, in­clud­ing the gap above the cat’s tail. If us­ing zigzag stitch, go around the edges two or three times on a 2.5 width and the tight­est set­ting, trim­ming away any black ends as you go.

05 Wrap the rib­bon around the cat’s neck and tie in a knot. Trim the loose ends at an an­gle and glue to the col­lar to se­cure in place, then sew the bells on top of the knot.

06 Sew the hook to the re­verse of the ear, and the eye to the re­verse of the top leg, us­ing the im­age as a guide. Th­ese can then be used to fas­ten the col­lar when wear­ing.

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