Mollie Makes - - Reader Offer - Laura Howard Laura is a de­signer-maker and craft writer liv­ing in the south west, near Bris­tol. She drinks lots of tea, is par­tial to a nice bit of cake, and most of all, loves to cre­ate things. And when it comes to mak­ing, Laura thinks there’s no bet­ter

Brew­ing a pot of proper cof­fee al­ways feels like an in­dul­gent way to start the day, es­pe­cially when it’s paired with a leisurely breakfast – prefer­ably lovely but­tery crois­sants. Served to you in bed.

Use Laura’s Scandi-folk cafetière cover to keep your cof­fee warm for as long as pos­si­ble, and to brighten up your kitchen (or bed­room) with a splash of colour. We’ve cho­sen a soft blue back­ground for a fresh feel, but black felt would work just as nicely, giv­ing a bold con­trast for that dark flo­rals-feel that’s all over the high street right now.

Al­ter­na­tively, start sewing for Christ­mas, and add sparkle with gold thread and match­ing rib­bon.

Cut a long length of white em­broi­dery thread and sep­a­rate out three strands. Thread a nee­dle and sew run­ning stitch around all four sides of one piece of blue felt to cre­ate a bor­der, 0.5cm ( ") in from the edge.

Us­ing the tem­plates on page 99, and the light pink, dark pink and or­ange felt, cut out the fol­low­ing: three large flower out­ers, three large flower cen­tres, five small flower out­ers, five small flower cen­tres, 10 large buds and 5 small buds. We chose a dif­fer­ent colour of felt for each of the flower lay­ers. From the green felt, cut three large leaves, four medium leaves, and four small leaves.

Ar­range the large flower out­ers, the small flower out­ers, seven of the large buds, and the leaves, within the stitched bor­der on the blue felt. Pin in place.

Em­broi­der on the leaves us­ing three strands of white em­broi­dery thread and a line of back­stitch down the cen­tre, leav­ing a small gap at ei­ther end of each leaf. Re­move the pins as you sew each felt piece in place.

Em­broi­der the flower cen­tres us­ing three strands of light pink, dark pink, or peach thread, and long sin­gle stitches. We used one per petal for some of the flow­ers, and two per petal for oth­ers, con­trast­ing the thread and felt.

Pin the flower cen­tres on top of the flower out­ers, then sew us­ing one long stitch per petal.

Add the buds to the flower cen­tres, em­broi­der­ing them in place with a sin­gle cross stitch, us­ing a con­trast­ing thread shade.

If needed, trim the piece of the sec­ond piece of blue felt to match the dec­o­rated piece. With wrong sides ( WS) to­gether, pin it to the cen­tre of the back­ing fab­ric.

Fold the back­ing fab­ric over the felt, keep­ing it tight against the edges, and pin in place. Sew us­ing large tack­ing stitches, as far away from the edge of the felt as pos­si­ble. Fold the cor­ners neatly as you go, and re­move the pins.

Cut four 30cm (12") pieces of light blue rib­bon. Pin them to the back of the cafetière cover as shown, so they over­lap the felt edges by 3cm (1 "). Sew us­ing whip stitch, sewing into, but not through, the felt. Trim the rib­bon ends at an an­gle to pre­vent fray­ing.

Place the two sides of the cafetière cover with WS to­gether and pin. Sew around all four edges us­ing blan­ket stitch and one strand of light blue thread, fin­ish­ing your fi­nal stitch neatly on the fab­ric side of the cover. Re­move the tack­ing stitches to fin­ish.

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