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14 Fold the cuff fabric in half along the length. Make 1cm ( 3 /8") cuts along the fold, then open out.

15 Thread a large yarn nee­dle with a 1cm ( 3 /8") thick length of rov­ing and, start­ing at one end of the cuff, weave it through the cuts in the felt. Don’t pull the rov­ing too tightly, as the idea is to cre­ate tex­ture. Work back along the cuff in the op­po­site di­rec­tion, go­ing un­der the cuts you went over, and over the cuts you went un­der. Thread the nee­dle with more rov­ing if you run out. Weave back across the cuff a third time.

16 With the cuff RS up, pin it around the top of the stock­ing, align­ing the top edges, and po­si­tion­ing the two short ends so they join at the back. Sew along the top edge us­ing pink zigzag stitch.

17 Pull the cuff up and away from the stock­ing, WS out. Ma­nip­u­late the cuff so the two short edges sit with RS to­gether and sew. Trim away any ex­cess rov­ing, then turn the cuff back down onto the stock­ing, with RS out.

18 Cut three 30cm (117/ 8") lengths of yarn. Lay an A6 piece of card hor­i­zon­tally on a flat sur­face and lay the yarn ver­ti­cally across one end. Wrap yarn hor­i­zon­tally around the cen­tre of the card, about 80 times in total, se­cur­ing the cut pieces.

19 Tie a dou­ble knot in the three lengths of yarn to hold the bun­dle to­gether, then trim the ends. Take the bun­dle off the card. Cut three more 30cm (117/ 8") lengths of yarn and wrap, then tie, around the bun­dle, 2cm ( ") down from the knot. Cut the yarn at the bot­tom of the loop to make a tassel, then plait the hang­ing cord. Re­peat with dif­fer­ent coloured yarn to cre­ate two more tas­sels, then sew them onto the top of the stock­ing at the right-hand seam.

20 Cut a 10 x 1.5cm (4x5 /8") piece of white felt. Sew zigzag stitch along the cen­tre of the length, then fold in half across the width. Pin the short ends in­side the top of the cuff at the right-hand seam, then sew to make a hang­ing tab.

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