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There are three stages to any drinks party: the ini­tial meet and greet, danc­ing and mak­ing new pals, and fi­nally, fall­ing asleep on a kitchen stool. But, the bit your guests will re­mem­ber most are their first im­pres­sions, which is where this glam cock­tail set comes in.

Fea­tur­ing dec­o­rated mar­tini glasses, a gold-flecked nib­bles bowl and a glitzy bar tray, these sim­ple makes cre­ate a so­phis­ti­cated set­ting for your fes­tive gath­er­ings. Dis­play on a retro drinks trol­ley, then fill with Cham­pagne cock­tails and smoked al­monds for the ul­ti­mate in piz­zazz.

Mak­ing the snack bowl

01 Use your hands to roll the poly­mer clay into a ball, then use the rolling pin to flat­ten it out into a cir­cle, roughly 0.5cm ( ") thick.

02 Line the heat-proof bowl with the clay, mak­ing sure the clay is po­si­tioned cen­trally. Press it into place as neatly as pos­si­ble, start­ing at the cen­tre, then work­ing to­wards the out­side, push­ing out any air bub­bles that form. If there are any gath­ers at the edges, push them down and smooth them out.

03 Use the craft knife to care­fully trim away any ex­cess clay from the rim. Place the bowl into the oven, fol­low­ing the man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions to bake the clay.

04 Leave to cool, then gently re­move the clay from the bowl. Us­ing the marker pen, draw around the rim to cre­ate a gold edge.

05 Cover a sur­face with card­board to pro­tect it, then use the paint brush to flick the gold porce­lain paint across the in­side of the bowl, cre­at­ing a speck­led ef­fect. Leave to dry, then turn the bowl over and re­peat on the un­der­side. Leave to dry thor­oughly be­fore us­ing.

Mak­ing the drinks tray

06 Work­ing in a well-ven­ti­lated area, pro­tect a flat sur­face with card­board or an old sheet, then place the tray onto it. Evenly cover the tray with a thin layer of white spray paint, then leave to dry.

07 Con­tinue adding lay­ers of spray paint, leav­ing each one to dry in be­tween, un­til an even cov­er­age has been achieved. Turn over the tray and re­peat the process to cover the un­der­side.

08 Us­ing the gold pen, mark out a cir­cle the same size as the tray, and prac­tise cre­at­ing a de­sign on scrap pa­per un­til you’re happy with the re­sult. Try to keep to a hand-drawn style, rather than us­ing pre­cise, sym­met­ri­cal lines.

09 Use the gold pen to recre­ate your cho­sen de­sign on the tray, con­tin­u­ing it up and over the edges. Leave to dry be­fore us­ing. Mak­ing the mar­tini glasses

10 Use the gold marker pen to edge the rim of each glass. Care­fully fol­low the lip of the glass, fill­ing in the line all around.

11 Draw a dot­ted pat­tern onto one glass, start­ing with a closer clus­ter of dots just above the top of the stem, and spac­ing them out fur­ther to­wards the top of the glass. This will cre­ate a glit­tery ef­fect.

12 Cre­ate a con­fetti pat­tern on the out­side of a sec­ond glass by draw­ing short straight lines in dif­fer­ent di­rec­tions, mak­ing sure to space out the marks evenly.

13 Add gold rings to the out­side of an­other glass, us­ing the gold rim of the glass as a start­ing point, and work­ing down to the top of the stem. Make sure to space the rings evenly apart to give an neat fin­ish. Leave to dry, then go back over any ar­eas that need an ex­tra layer.

14 Re­peat Steps 10-13 with the re­main­ing glasses to make a set – we dec­o­rated six, mak­ing two each of the three dif­fer­ent styles.

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