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Light blue linen, 26cm x 12cm (10¼ x 4¾") Light grey linen 26cm x 20cm (10¼ x 77/ Match­ing sewing thread Em­broi­dery thread in black, light blue, sil­ver, green, light green, or­ange, pink and white White felt, 15 x 15cm (6x 6") Wooden em­broi­dery hoop, 18cm (71/ Fine sil­ver glit­ter Iron-on in­ter­fac­ing Wa­ter-sol­u­ble fab­ric marker ’Tis the sea­son for all things sparkly, and we’ve found the pret­ti­est ex­cuse to get out your metal­lic threads and glit­ter.

Filled with in­tri­cate de­tails, this mag­i­cal scene uses a com­bi­na­tion of ap­pliqué and em­broi­dery to cre­ate a fairy­tale-wor­thy de­sign. And, from the starry night sky to the ma­jes­tic swan’s tiny crown, you’ll be in­dulging your in­ner child with each sparkly stitch.

Use three strands of thread for the em­broi­dery, un­less stated oth­er­wise, and turn to page 98 to find in­struc­tions for each stitch.

Place the blue and grey fab­ric with right sides (RS) to­gether, align­ing one long edge. Sew along the edge, using a 1cm ( seam al­lowance. Open out and press, then po­si­tion with the grey linen at the top. Using the stitch guide on page 98, trace the back­ground de­sign de­tail – the lilies, reeds, stars, moon and swan crown – onto the linen, align­ing the base of the reeds with the join in the fab­rics.

Using the tem­plates on page 98, trace the swan body and wing onto the pa­per side of the in­ter­fac­ing. Press onto white felt and cut out.

Fol­low­ing the stitch guide, draw the stitch­ing de­tail onto the swan. Press the swan body onto the back­ground fab­ric, po­si­tion­ing it over the join of the linen, as shown, then press on the wing.

Place the fab­ric into the hoop, keep­ing the de­sign central. Using all six strands of or­ange thread and

satin stitch, em­broi­der the swan’s beak. Using four strands of black thread and satin stitch, em­broi­der the top of the beak and the eye.

Use two strands of sil­ver thread and stem stitch to out­line the crown. Fill in the crown with more ver­ti­cal rows of stem stitch.

Fol­low­ing the stitch guide, add de­tail to the swan’s wing and neck in two strands of sil­ver thread.

Em­broi­der the wa­ter lily flow­ers in pink satin stitch, and the leaves in green stem stitch. Use two strands of light pink thread and sin­gle stitches to add the flower cen­tres.

Work the reed stems in green back­stitch and the reed heads in light green satin stitch.

Em­broi­der the moon in sil­ver run­ning stitch. Cre­ate the stars by work­ing cross stitches in sil­ver thread, then adding white cross stitches on top at an an­gle. Work white French knots for snowflakes.

To cre­ate a sense of move­ment in the wa­ter, sew sin­gle straight stitches below the swan using light blue thread. Re­move the fab­ric from the hoop and press.

Ap­ply glue to the front and side edges of the em­broi­dery hoop and shake the glit­ter over it. Leave to dry, then re­peat to add a sec­ond layer. Leave to dry again, then place the fab­ric back into the hoop.

Trim the fab­ric at the back so it mea­sures 3cm (1 "). Sew gather­ing stitch around the edge of the fab­ric, pull tight, then knot to se­cure. Cut a cir­cle of white felt, slightly smaller than the hoop, and stick to the back to cover the gath­ered fab­ric.

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