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1m (393/ cot­ton can­vas fabric in cream 50cm (19 ") pat­terned fabric, (we used Seven­berry Light­weight Can­vas in Poco Black) Felt in blue, green, or­ange, pink and yel­low Match­ing sewing thread Trans­fer pa­per Tai­lor’s chalk Fabric glue Web­bing, 1m (393/ 1cm ( wide Dowel, 60cm (235/ 1cm ( wide This year, ditch the shop­bought ad­vent calendar and re­place it with this easy-sew ver­sion in­stead. Com­bin­ing Scan­dilook clean lines and mono­chrome prints with a pop of colour, not only will it look good hung in your home, but fill­ing its pockets each year cre­ates a lovely tra­di­tion, too.

Choose the treats as a fam­ily, or sur­prise lit­tle ’uns with a selec­tion of mini toys, candy canes, and heart­felt fes­tive mes­sages. We love that these pockets are big enough to fit in plenty of good­ies, but if you pre­fer, you can eas­ily scale it down to make a smaller ver­sion.

Us­ing the tem­plates on page 98, cut out the num­bers for each day – 1 through to 24 – from dif­fer­ent coloured felt. We printed the tem­plates onto trans­fer pa­per (visit www.mol­liemakes. com to down­load), ironed the trans­fers onto the felt, then cut out each shape. But, you can just draw around the tem­plates if you pre­fer.

Cut out a 56 x 93cm (221/ x 365/ piece of cot­ton can­vas. Cut a 56 x 14cm (221/ x 5½") piece of pat­terned fabric for the bot­tom trim, and a 56 x 16cm (221/ x 63/ piece for the top trim. On both pieces of pat­terned fabric, fold one long edge to the wrong side ( WS) by 1cm ( and press.

Lay the cot­ton can­vas right side (RS) up, with the short edges at the top and bot­tom. Mark a hor­i­zon­tal line 13cm (5¼") up from the bot­tom edge, then place the bot­tom trim on top, RS up, and align­ing the long raw edges. Fold up the bot­tom trim so the fab­rics are RS to­gether, then pin along the crease, mak­ing sure it stays in line with the chalk mark. Sew along the crease, then fold the fabric back down, align­ing the long raw edges.

Re­peat Step 3 with the top trim, this time draw­ing the line 15cm (6") down from the top edge.

Turn over the main fabric so the WS is fac­ing up. Fold the two long side edges and the bot­tom edge to the WS by 1.5cm ( then again by 1.5cm ( keep­ing the cor­ners neat. Pin, then sew in place. Fold the top edge to the WS by 2.5cm (1"), then again by 2.5cm (1"). Pin, then sew 2cm ( ") down from the top edge, cre­at­ing a chan­nel.

Cut six 43 x 23cm (17 x 91/ pieces of cream can­vas for the pockets and mark a 1.5cm ( seam al­lowance along each edge. Fold one piece in half along the length, align­ing the raw edges, then pin and sew one short edge and one long edge. Trim the ex­cess seam al­lowance, and turn RS out. Fold the open short edge to the WS by 1.5cm ( and press. Re­peat with the re­main­ing pieces.

With the main fabric RS up, mark sev­eral points 20.5cm (81/ down from the top edge. Fold one pocket in half along the length and mark the cen­tre. With RS up, and the folded long edge at the top, align the bot­tom of the pocket with the marks, match­ing the cen­tre points, then pin in place. Re­peat with the other pockets, lin­ing up each one be­low the pocket above.

Sew along the bot­tom and side edges of each pocket strip, 0.25mm ( in from the edge.

Next, mea­sure and pin a line ver­ti­cally down the cen­tre of each strip. Re­peat 10cm (4") out from the cen­tre on ei­ther side to make four equal-sized pockets. Sew along the pinned lines, then press.

Use the fabric glue to stick the num­bers cen­trally onto each pocket, then leave to dry.

Thread the dowel through the chan­nel at the top of the calendar. Wrap one end of the web­bing around a dowel end, sew to se­cure, then re­peat at the other end.

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