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Dec­o­rate pre-cut wooden shapes to cre­ate per­son­alised Christmas dec­o­ra­tions

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MA­TE­RI­ALS Art­cuts Wooden Christmas Craft Blank Dec­o­ra­tions Ver­saMagic Ink Pads (we used Red Magic and Cloud White) Hobby Art Snowflake Stamp Set Acrylic blocks Jute twine in red Wooden beads Scis­sors Ruler You can find ev­ery­thing you need from­ Art­cuts’ birch wood Christmas dec­o­ra­tion shapes come in a range of dif­fer­ent de­signs that can eas­ily be pret­ti­fied in the same way as this trio. Fol­low the steps to cre­ate your own beau­ti­ful or­na­ments, be­ing care­ful not to press too hard when ap­ply­ing ink to the wood or stamp – try to use a light swip­ing ac­tion to build up colour. Like­wise, gently ap­ply an even layer of ink for stamp­ing – you can al­ways prac­tise your tech­nique on pa­per be­fore you be­gin.

To be­gin, colour the sur­face of the birch wood shape white by swip­ing the white inkpad across the sur­face of the wood. Leave to dry – this should take ap­prox­i­mately 10-15 min­utes. Re­peat the process on the re­verse of the shape.

Pre­pare your stamp by peel­ing one of the clear acrylic snowflake stamps within the set away from the static film, and press­ing it down firmly onto an acrylic block. Try to po­si­tion it cen­trally on the block.

Sponge the red inkpad onto the snowflake stamp un­til it’s evenly cov­ered. Prac­tise stamp­ing on a sheet of pa­per, and once you’re happy with your de­sign, be­gin stamp­ing di­rectly onto the shape. Re­mem­ber to reap­ply ink to the stamp after each im­pres­sion.

Con­tinue stamp­ing snowflakes all over the birch wood shape. Leave to dry, then re­peat the pat­tern on the re­verse. Try stamp­ing along the edge of the shape for a seam­less print, or stamp snowflakes in a line to cre­ate a strik­ing Scandi-style pat­tern. To use a dif­fer­ent snowflake, re­peat Step 2, re­mov­ing the pre­vi­ous stamp, and adding a new one.

Cut a 25cm (97/ length of red twine. Thread the twine through the pre-cut hole in the shape, then thread both ends through a wooden bead. Push the bead down to­wards the shape, and se­curely tie the ends in a knot, ready to hang.

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