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Adorn a hand­made stock­ing with tas­sels and trims – Chris­tine Leech shows you how

Mollie Makes - - Santa's Been! -


50cm (19 ") white felt Wool rov­ing in dark pink, light pink, green, blue and turquoise Selec­tion of trim­mings, in­clud­ing rib­bons, pom-pom trim and ric-rac Pink sewing thread Em­broi­dery thread in gold, light green, dark pink and turquoise Cro­chet yarn in fuch­sia, light pink, dark blue, light blue, turquoise and light green Crystal gems (we used Swarovski sew-on crys­tals) A6 piece of card Em­broi­dery nee­dle Yarn nee­dle Felt­ing nee­dle Felt­ing mat Pom­poms and tas­sels and rov­ing and bling – these are a few of our favourite things. And, they’ve all been in­cor­po­rated into one jewel-coloured, tex­ture-filled, yarn-tas­tic tac­tile stock­ing.

Us­ing a range of tech­niques, from felt­ing to em­broi­dery, this pro­ject is so much fun to make. So, dig deep into your craft sup­plies, let your in­ner mag­pie fly, and pull out your bright­est and bold­est yarns, threads and trims. You could keep your ver­sion neu­tral us­ing soft pas­tel hues, but we love the idea of bright, clash­ing shades adding a pop of colour to our man­tel­piece.

01 Us­ing the tem­plate on page 98, cut two stock­ing shapes and one cuff from the white felt.

02 Place one stock­ing right side (RS) up on the felt­ing mat. Take a length of dark pink rov­ing and spread it out over the toe area, shap­ing the right-hand edge to cre­ate a curve. Use the felt­ing nee­dle to se­cure the rov­ing in place, push­ing it down with quick mo­tions to com­bine the fi­bres with the felt and cre­ate a solid layer. If any white felt is still show­ing, po­si­tion an­other small piece of rov­ing over the gap and re­peat.

03 Re­peat Step 2 with light pink rov­ing to felt the heel, this time, cre­at­ing a rounded curve at the left-hand edge, as shown. Cut away the ex­cess rov­ing from the felt.

04 Us­ing zigzag stitch, add a pink bor­der, 1cm ( 3 /8") out from the rov­ing at the heel. Po­si­tion a length

of blue pom pom trim 1cm ( 3 /8") away from the rov­ing at the toe, and sew with pink zigzag stitch.

05 Drape a 20cm (77/ 8") piece of light pink cro­chet yarn be­tween the mid­dle tines of a fork. Take a piece of light pink rov­ing, roughly 3cm (1¼") thick and 18cm (71/ 8") long, and wrap it around the fork prongs.

06 Tie the yarn around the rov­ing to make a bun­dle. Slip it off the fork and cut both sides open. Work the bun­dle into a pom pom, then trim to neaten, leav­ing the lengths of cro­chet yarn un­cut. Re­peat with dif­fer­ent coloured rov­ing and yarn to make five pom poms.

07 Po­si­tion the pom poms on the stock­ing, us­ing the im­age as a guide to place­ment. Use the yarn tails to sew them in place.

08 Dec­o­rate the white spa­ces be­tween the pom poms by sewing star shapes in gold em­broi­dery thread. Work a large straight stitch, roughly 2cm (¾") long, then sew a cross stitch over the top. Vary the lengths of the stitches on each one to give a twinkly ef­fect.

09 Next, em­broi­der dec­o­ra­tive bor­ders around the rov­ing at the heel. First, work a row of straight stitches in turquoise thread. In­ter­sperse with gold stitches, worked at 90° an­gles, and go­ing through the rov­ing. Then, add a line of light green straight stitches in the area be­tween the turquoise stitches and the pink zigzag stitch.

10 Em­broi­der more dec­o­ra­tive bor­ders around the rov­ing at the toe. Work a long run­ning stitch in light green thread be­tween the pom pom trim and the rov­ing, then in­ter­sperse it with short ver­ti­cal stitches in gold. Add hand-sewn zigzag stitch in dark pink thread to the edge of the rov­ing, then work a row of turquoise French knots on the rov­ing, in­side each V-shape.

11 Sew five crystal gems to the rov­ing on the heel us­ing match­ing thread, then re­peat with the toe.

12 Pin the two stock­ing shapes with wrong sides ( WS) to­gether and use pink zigzag stitch to sew around the edges, leav­ing the top open.

13 Lay the cuff RS up, then po­si­tion a selec­tion of trim­mings along the length in rows, leav­ing a 5cm (2") wide gap across the cen­tre for the rov­ing. Sew the trim­mings in place us­ing pink thread.

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