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MA­TE­RI­ALS Q Clas­sic Elite Yarns Ava, 86% wool, 9% vis­cose, 5% met­allised polyester, 50g/117m per ball, one ball in Blush (6819) Q Knit­ting dolly Q Cro­chet hook Q Alu­minium wire, 2m (78 "), 2.5mm ( 1 /8") wide Q Wire cut­ters Q Pom pom maker, 4cm (15/ 8") di­am­e­ter

Get ready for a hefty dose of nostalgia with this tra­di­tional tech­nique. If – like Team Mol­lie – you re­mem­ber creat­ing lengths of French knit­ting as a kid, but can’t ac­tu­ally re­call what you used them for, you’ll be se­ri­ously im­pressed with Chris­tine’s in­ge­nious idea.

Thread­ing wire through a tube of sparkly yarn to cre­ate a fes­tive dec­o­ra­tion, this state­ment sign also gives a nod to the slo­gan trend. And, while we’ve given ours a fes­tive twist, you can eas­ily switch up the yarn colour, then bend the wire in­side to spell out what­ever word or phrase takes your fancy. Knit­ting the cord 01 Feed the end of the yarn through the cen­tre of the knit­ting dolly, from top to bot­tom. Tak­ing the yarn from the ball, wrap the yarn clock­wise around each pin, work­ing in an anti-clock­wise di­rec­tion around the dolly.

Once the yarn has been wound around all four pins, re­peat the process once more so that each pin has two wraps of yarn on it.

Us­ing the cro­chet hook, take the lower wrap of yarn and bring it over the up­per wrap and the pin.

Con­tinue work­ing around the knit­ting dolly in this way, hook­ing the lower wraps over the up­per wraps. Once you’ve worked your way around all four pins, wind the yarn around the dolly again, as be­fore, to cre­ate an­other layer.

Re­peat the process, wrap­ping the yarn around the pins, and

hook­ing the up­per wraps over the lower wraps, un­til the knit­ting mea­sures 1.5m (591/

To cast off, lift the first top stitch from the loop off the peg and place it on the neigh­bour­ing peg. Hook the un­der­neath stitch over the top as be­fore. Work around the dolly, re­peat­ing with the re­main­ing stitches un­til you reach the last peg. Lift this stitch from the peg, cut the yarn from the ball, and thread the end through the stitch.

Shap­ing the word

Cover the sharp ends of the wire with mask­ing or washi tape. Start­ing at one end of the knit­ted cord, care­fully feed in the wire.

When the wire reaches the end of the cord, cut it, leav­ing 2cm ( ") show­ing. Fold this in half to cre­ate a hook, and tuck it in­side the end of the yarn cord. Sew the end closed to keep it in place.

Us­ing the tem­plate on page 96, shape the cord. Start with the let­ter T, bend­ing the cord to match the tem­plate, and work­ing along the word, from left to right. The wire is very flex­i­ble, so if you make a mis­take, un­wind it and start again.

If the wire pokes through the cord at any point, pull the yarn back into po­si­tion and se­cure in place with a few small stitches.

Stitch in place any ar­eas of the word where the knit­ting on two let­ters touch, such as on the N and K, for a neat fin­ish.

Us­ing the yarn and a pom pom maker, make a pom pom. Tie it to the top of the let­ter I to fin­ish.

Chris­tine Leech Chris­tine is an au­thor, maker, il­lus­tra­tor and stylist, and has sold nearly 250,000 craft books world­wide. She reg­u­larly con­trib­utes crafty projects to var­i­ous blogs, cre­ates quirky tu­to­ri­als for her own blog, and posts her makes on...

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