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50cm (19¾") white cal­ico fab­ric 50cm (19¾") pat­terned fab­ric 15cm (6") pink cot­ton fab­ric 85cm (335/ fusi­ble web 65cm (255/ white felt 20cm (77/ pink jersey fab­ric 20 x 20cm (77/ x 77/ sil­ver glit­ter fab­ric Small piece of yel­low cot­ton fab­ric 400g soft toy stuff­ing Multi-coloured pom pom trim, 120cm (47¼") Pink ric rac, 120cm (47¼") 2cm pink rib­bon, 150cm (591/ ") Yarn in pink, red and yel­low Pom pom maker Match­ing sewing thread Tai­lor’s chalk This year, let Christ­mas fill ev­ery corner of your home. The fes­tive sea­son is a bril­liant ex­cuse to let your in­ner mag­pie fly and dec­o­rate your nest, and this over­sized, over-the-top cracker cushion is a great place to start.

Pull out your jazz­i­est fab­rics and trim­mings (hello pom poms and glit­tery stars) and give them pride of place on this play­ful ac­ces­sory that’ll bring cheer to any home. Use it to fancy up a kids’ bed­room, or for laz­ing on while watch­ing box sets and scoff­ing Christ­mas chocs.

Kirsty’s in­cluded de­tails of how to make the bol­ster cushion in­sert, but if you pre­fer, buy a pre-made ver­sion and skip th­ese steps.

To make the bol­ster cushion pad, cut a 42 x 62cm (16 x 243/ piece of cal­ico for the main cushion panel and two 19cm (7 ") di­am­e­ter cir­cles for the cushion ends. Fold the main panel in half along the length with right sides (RS) to­gether, align­ing the raw edges. Sew the two short ends us­ing a 1cm ( ") seam, leav­ing a 10cm (4") gap in the cen­tre.

Pin one cushion end to one end of the loop of fab­ric, with RS to­gether and align­ing the raw edges. Sew, then re­peat with the other cushion end.

Turn RS out, stuff the cushion through the gap left for turn­ing, then slip stitch the gap closed.

To make the cover, cut one 42 x 62cm (16 x 243/ ") piece of pat­terned fab­ric, two 16 x 62cm (63/ x 243/ ") pieces of pink cot­ton fab­ric, and two 19 x 62cm (7 x 243/ ") pieces of pink jersey fab­ric. Back the pat­terned fab­ric and the pink cot­ton pieces with felt us­ing fusi­ble web, fol­low­ing the man­u­fac­turer's in­struc­tions.

Fold the long edges of the pat­terned and pink cot­ton pieces to the WS by 1cm ( ") and sew in place, as far away from the folded edge as pos­si­ble.

Cut the length of ric rac in half. Pin each length to the RS of a long edge of the pat­terned fab­ric, 7cm (2 ") in from the edge, and sew.

Cut the length of pom pom trim in half. Pin each length along the wrong side (WS) of one long edge of a pink cot­ton piece and sew.

Us­ing the templates on page 96, cut one large star and four small stars from the sil­ver glit­ter fab­ric. Back the small stars with yel­low fab­ric us­ing fusi­ble web and place to one side. Sew the large star onto the cen­tre of the RS of the pat­terned fab­ric, us­ing pink thread.

Place a piece of pink jersey fab­ric RS up, with the short edges at the top and bot­tom. Po­si­tion one long edge of the pat­terned fab­ric so it slightly over­laps one long edge of the pink jersey, then re­peat with a pink cot­ton piece along the re­main­ing long edge. Pin and sew along the seams on the pat­terned fab­ric and pink cot­ton pan­els.

Re­peat Step 9 along the re­main­ing long edge of the pat­terned fab­ric, then fold the cracker along the length with RS to­gether. Pin and sew along the long raw edge, us­ing a 1cm ( ") seam, and go­ing over the panel joins to strengthen them. Turn the cracker RS out and press.

Cut the rib­bon in half along the length, then sew a small star onto each rib­bon end. Us­ing the yarn and the pom pom maker, make four pom poms. Sew one onto each rib­bon end, just above the stars.

Stuff the cracker with the bol­ster cushion by push­ing it through one open end. Tie a rib­bon around ei­ther end of the cushion, us­ing it to gather the pink jersey fab­ric and cre­ate the cracker shape, to fin­ish.

Kirsty Hart­ley Kirsty, the de­signer be­hind Wild Things, cre­ates out­fits to in­spire lit­tle ad­ven­tur­ers and put imag­i­na­tion back into child­hood. Her new book, Wild Things to Make, is avail­able to buy through her web­site, and shows you how to make...

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