All the shapes for this is­sue’s makes. Un­less oth­er­wise stated, templates are shown at 100%.You can find the full-size templates ready to down­load from www.mol­liemakes.com

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Erasable fab­ric marker Fab­ric glue

Cut out the deer shapes us­ing the templates op­po­site.

Pin the head gus­set to one body piece, match­ing the marked ends. Sew us­ing whip­stitch, start­ing at the nose, then re­peat to add the sec­ond body piece to the other side of the head gus­set.

Mark the leg darts on the un­der­side. Fold one leg un­der, along the marked line, then sew along the leg dart, through the two lay­ers to make the leg ‘stand’. Re­peat for each deer leg.

Pin the un­der­side to the body with wrong sides to­gether, align­ing the edges and mark­ings. Whip­stitch the un­der­side and body to­gether, then turn over and re­peat on the other side.

Stuff firmly, us­ing a knit­ting nee­dle or sim­i­lar, then close up the back seam us­ing whip­stitch.

Pair up the antler pieces and sew around the out­side. Sew the antlers onto the head, as shown.

Glue the in­ner ears to the outer ears and leave to dry. Pinch at the base and sew in front the antlers. Sew on the tail.

Use satin stitch and three strands of black thread to add the nose, then add two black stitches for the mouth and small satin stitches for each eye.

Stitch eight V shapes onto the head, fol­low­ing the mark­ings.

Cut four thin pieces of blue felt and pin them evenly along the pink felt. Cut two lengths of pom pom trim and sew along the short edges of the pink felt us­ing gold thread. Use the stitch guide on page 92 to em­broi­der on the of gold de­tails as shown op­po­site. Sew the blan­ket to the rein­deer.

Cut a thin piece of blue felt and sew around the rein­deer’s neck us­ing pink thread. Make a tas­sel us­ing a length of turquoise thread, then sew the tas­sel onto the col­lar. Cut the looped ends to cre­ate a fringe. Re­peat with the pink thread. Cut two pom poms from the trim, wind gold thread around the top, then sew in place on the col­lar.

Cut a length of gold thread to make a loop for hang­ing, then sew onto the blan­ket to fin­ish.

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