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small petals from pink crepe pa­per. Cut with the grain of the crepe run­ning ver­ti­cally through each petal. Round out each petal by hold­ing it with your thumbs in the cen­tre, then pulling them gen­tly apart to stretch it out.

10 Use the wire cut­ters to cut three 6cm (23/ 8") lengths of flo­ral wire. Use hot glue to at­tach a 1cm ( 3 /8") poly­styrene ball onto the end of each wire, us­ing the same tech­nique as Step 1. Paint the poly­styrene balls black.

11 Cut two strips of white crepe pa­per and one strip of pink crepe pa­per mea­sur­ing 2 x 7cm (¾ x 2¾"). Brush a strip of black paint along one long edge of each of the three strips, around 0.5cm (¼") thick. Use scis­sors to fringe the painted edges, mak­ing the cuts a cou­ple of mil­lime­tres apart, and fin­ish­ing 0.5cm (¼") from the bot­tom edge. 12 Ap­ply lines of quick-dry­ing glue to the bot­tom edge of each strip, then wrap one strip around each wire, just be­low the black poly­styrene ball, to cre­ate the cen­tre of an anemone.

13 To make one large anemone, take eight large white petals. Use quick-dry­ing glue to at­tach two lay­ers of four petals around the fringed cen­tre, off-set­ting the sec­ond layer. Re­peat this process with eight small white petals to make a small white anemone, and with eight small pink petals to make a small pink anemone.

14 Use the wire cut­ters to cut two 6cm (23/ 8") lengths of flo­ral wire. Use hot glue to at­tach a 1.5cm ( 5 /8") poly­styrene ball onto the end of one wire and a 2cm (¾") poly­styrene ball onto the other.

15 Take 10 large white petals and 10 small pink petals. Use quick- dry­ing glue to stick the large white petals onto the large poly­styrene ball, po­si­tion­ing them so the first three petals meet at the cen­tre top of the ball, then the re­main­ing petals grad­u­ate out­wards around the ball, all cup­ping the ball tightly. Re­peat with the small pink petals on the small poly­styrene ball.

16 Take the re­main­ing 20 large white petals and use quick-dry­ing glue to stick them around the white cen­tre from Step 15 in lay­ers. Re­peat with the re­main­ing 14 small pink petals and pink cen­tre.

17 Fold the rib­bon in half around the top of the gold ring to make a loop for hang­ing. To as­sem­ble, ar­range the fo­liage and flow­ers asym­met­ri­cally onto the ring, us­ing the main im­age as a guide. Wind the wire stems of some el­e­ments around the ring, and bind the oth­ers to the ring with flo­ral tape.

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