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Two skeins of em­broi­dery thread in dark blue (we used DMC 823) and one skein in mus­tard (we used DMC 298) Two gold ear­ring hooks Two jump rings, 0.5cm ( ") Card­board, 6 x 3.5cm (23/ x 13/ 8") 8 Em­broi­dery nee­dle Jew­ellery pli­ers

Wrap blue em­broi­dery thread around the width of the card­board, roughly 45 times, to cre­ate a thick bun­dle. Stop with the wind­ing thread in the cen­tre, then trim the thread at the bot­tom. Cut a 10cm (4") length of blue thread and thread it through the em­broi­dery nee­dle. Use the nee­dle to pull the thread through the bun­dle, then tie it loosely at the top.

Slide the bun­dle off the card­board and pull the knot tight at the top to cre­ate a tas­sel.

Cut a 12.5cm (5") length of blue thread and tie it three times around the top of the tas­sel, 0.5cm ( ") down from the top, to cre­ate a head. Knot the thread to se­cure it, then thread the ends through the nee­dle and take it through the tas­sel, hid­ing the knot un­der the wrap.

Slide the scis­sors through the looped threads at the bot­tom of the tas­sel and cut. Trim the ends so they’re even, then use a fine comb to brush the ends of the tas­sel and make it fluffy. Re­peat Steps 1-4 to make three more blue tas­sels and two yel­low.

Thread the nee­dle with blue em­broi­dery thread and tie a dou­ble knot at the end. Push it up through a blue tas­sel, then a yel­low tas­sel, then an­other blue tas­sel. Tie the thread at the top in a dou­ble knot, then thread the nee­dle un­der the top of the tas­sel to se­cure it. Trim the ends.

Open the jump ring with the pli­ers, then loop it un­der the knot at the top of the blue tas­sel. At­tach the ear­ring hook, close the jump ring, then re­peat Steps 5-6 to make the sec­ond ear­ring. Artist An­cha­lika O’Con­nell loves to cre­ate jew­ellery in­spired by Thai cul­ture. The colour­ful boho pieces, in­clud­ing her sig­na­ture state­ment ear­rings, are de­signed and pro­duced in her stu­dio in Wrex­ham, Wales. www.min­im­ice29.etsy.com

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